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There can be no denying that the last 18 months have been incredibly challenging for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives, and there are now millions of people struggling with their mental health. In 2021, people across the globe are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders, leaving many feeling overwhelmed. Qi Life is an innovative company using Qi Coils™ to help individuals reduce stress, relax, and sleep better using PEMF therapy.

Nikola Tesla discovered in 1891 that cells respond positively to PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) energy.  NASA incorporated PEMF technology into its spaceships to help mitigate bone loss and muscle degeneration. In 1979, the FDA approved this technology for healing nonunion fractures and, three years later, approved it again for bone growth stimulators.

Today, Qi Coils are a simple and innovative way for experiencing these soothing energy waves that are said to mimic the earth’s natural magnetic field. 

The Qi Coils are non-contact, non-invasive, and are controlled by the Qi Coil App that boasts over 900 mind-stimulating frequencies.  Once they are turned on, a silent and invisible magnetic pulse emits from the coils, said to affect every cell in an individual’s body at once.  To know whether the device is in operation, the user can use the small testing magnet that is included which will vibrate loudly in its container when held near the Qi Coils.

Long term users report an overall improvement in their quality of life; more energy, a calmer and clearer mind, much deeper and restful sleep and even a significant reduction in their perception of pain.

David Wong, Qi Life Founder, added, “The past year has been incredibly challenging, and we have all been impacted somehow. At Qi Life, our mission is to help people reduce their stress and anxiety, and improve their lives and mental health through our frequency technologies.”

Qi Life’s newest device, the Qi Coil 3S, may be the most advanced compact pemf device on the market. And people are loving it! Qi Coils has seen a huge sales growth worldwide within its first year on the market. 

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