Medical Tourism Multimedia Marketing For Global Patient Acquisition Announced

Cross-channel promotion is central to audience growth, argues the agency. As such, with its newly announced service, the team offers location-optimized, targeted content ranging from branded news articles to engaging video content, which is published across major publications across the web.

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Following the announcement, Srika Solutions works with a variety of medical tourism providers. From cardiac care to international fertility treatment, spinal surgery, and stem cell therapy, the team focuses on strengthening the online presence of clients – helping them build credibility and trust through increased Google ranking.

According to the trusted medical tourism research site Bookimed, an estimated 15 million people travel abroad each year for medical care and treatment. But as more countries enter the medical tourism industry, competition has grown fierce. As such, Srika Solutions believes that companies need effective content marketing to build visibility and connect with potential clients across the globe.

Srika Solutions’ offering focuses on promoting clients’ services, accreditations, and other credibility markers that build trust with foreign patients. The team utilizes expert-led multimedia marketing approaches that can establish company owners as thought leaders and go-to authorities in their field. The agency also assists with ongoing content publication across authority websites to further improve organic ranking.

At the core of the service is performance tracking and optimization to expand reach across channels that facilitate data-driven decisions informing content upgrades and distribution strategies, helping to grow brand visibility every month.

Each campaign combines visual assets like videos and infographics with written content to capture audience attention. This multimedia focus establishes an omnipresent brand identity, the team says.

According to the marketing agency, medical providers can expect improved search engine rankings within the first week as the content starts driving traffic – but long-term consistency is key for sustained growth.

Srika Solutions understands the nuances of marketing to international patients; as such, the content that its team creates targets key buyer concerns and decision motivators. All copy is optimized for relevant search terms and designed to pair healthcare providers with more qualified patients searching for international treatment options.

A spokesperson states: “Our team consists of writers, developers, and advertising professionals that have helped hundreds of businesses get more clients, patients, and customers in a variety of industries.”

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