Medellin, Colombia Remote Freelance Guide Released

The consulting company has issued a new report for digital nomads who may be interested in resettlement in Medellin, Colombia – a temperate mountain city that has remade itself into a symbol of avant-garde culture and modernized city planning.

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The new guide released by Crucial Constructs aims to educate ex-pat freelancers and remote workers about the relevant aspects of life in Medellin – including the cost of living, WiFi access, transportation, and lodging. The city, formerly notorious for its drug cartels, is now considered a must-see on any Latin American traveler’s itinerary.

Medellin, a metropolis of two and a half million people and once known as the most dangerous in the world, is now considered an emerging economic powerhouse and is home to many national and multinational companies. Lauded for its public transportation and civic planning initiatives, relative safety, and inexpensive living, it has attracted a large base of long-term tourists and digital nomads. 90-day visas can be easily extended to six months and the maximum is two years.

However, while food, transport, and home entertainment are inexpensive, a visitor’s costs will vary depending on that person’s way of life: expensive accommodation in the trendiest neighborhoods is also available, as are high-end restaurants and nighttime entertainment venues.

As a large city, Medellin features many co-working areas suitable for digital nomads. For those living in the Laureles neighborhood, for example, the author recommends La Casa Redonda, and in El Poblado, the hostel Selina, which doubles as a co-working space and also features yoga classes. But since citywide W-Fi allows for fast and free connections, digital nomads can also choose to work from any cafe – or park – in the city.

The guide by Crucial Constructs details the city’s neighborhoods, coffee shops, and food and entertainment options, and instructs visitors on how to find an apartment in the city.

“Medellin is, without a doubt, one of the top places for digital nomads in Latin America,” said a Crucial Constructs spokesperson. “The quality of life offered is exceptional, and the city offers the one thing remote freelancers need: fast, ubiquitous WiFI.”

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