McLean BHRT For Women, Menopause Symptom Relief Hormone Therapy Announced

As women age, they may experience undesired symptoms like sudden increases in body temperature, perspiration during sleep, exhaustion, and disruptions in sleeping patterns – significantly decreasing their overall well-being. Proactive Wellness Centers now offers hormone replacement therapy with progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone, which can be combined with personalized nutritional support.

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Proactive Wellness Centers replaces the exact hormones that a woman’s body is no longer producing at adequate levels. FDA-approved hormones are used when available to ensure the greatest efficacy and safety, helping to relieve menopause symptoms.

“Our BHRT program for women focuses on the unique needs of women who are suffering from the common as well as the less common symptoms of menopause,” a spokesperson explains.

Rather than taking a pill, bioidentical hormones are administered through pellet implants placed under the skin – providing a slow, steady release of hormones over three to five months. This avoids the fluctuations in hormone levels that can sometimes be caused by pills or topical creams and offers long-lasting symptom relief. Many women have reported experiencing boosted vitality, enhanced emotional state, improved quality of sleep, and sharper cognitive abilities following treatment.

According to the team at Proactive Wellness Centers, the vast majority of women are candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. However, the clinic advises that those on blood thinners avoid the treatment due to increased risk from the implantation procedure.

In addition to its hormone therapy program, Proactive Wellness Centers offers disease management and prevention, and nutritional guidance services. Dr. Lynese Lawson and her team are also experienced in regenerative medicine treatments and Alzheimer’s care.

The spokesperson adds: “The founding of Proactive Wellness Centers reflects Dr. Lawson’s passion to create and implement a practice that focuses on patient individuality, a high level of doctor-patient interaction, and comprehensive patient education. When combined with her passion for continuous research, this approach helps patients achieve the optimal health they deserve.”

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