McKinney TMJ Dysfunction Therapy, Non-Invasive Biometrics For Dental Pain Launch

The clinic’s updated services include advanced biometric services such as a non-invasive Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) to treat TMJ disorders that cause headaches, pain, and difficulties chewing food. One common symptom is a loss of balance – inflammation caused by TMJ can reach the sensors in a person’s ears that are responsible for transmitting location and movement information to the brain. The resulting lightheadedness can be extremely disorienting.

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Millennium Smiles, a full-service general and cosmetic dental clinic based in Frisco, now provides JVA diagnostics for patients whose temporomandibular joint dysfunction is causing regular episodes of dizziness or pain, hampering that person’s ability to function confidently on an everyday basis.

The JVA process is simple. Patients get a device that goes over their heads like headphones and then are asked to perform a variety of movements with their jaw. The JVA determines if the TMJ joint is functioning efficiently.

The clinic can swiftly identify between healthy jaw joints and abnormal joints using JVA. This method of detecting joint vibration – in which problematic joints vibrate more frequently than healthy joints – helps pinpoint potential joint problems such as degeneration, cartilage rips, perforations, and mechanical displacements. The TMJ joint of the patient will click and pop when it is moving too much, wearing down the muscles in the joint and resulting in headaches, pain, and confusion.

TMJ dysfunction symptoms might occasionally go away on their own. However, if symptoms persist, Dr. Korous may suggest a number of treatments, frequently more than one to be carried out concurrently. One course of treatment offered is MLS Laser therapy, which promotes decreased inflammation and improved blood circulation for tissue repair and faster healing – and carries no side effects.

A wide variety of dental services are available at Millennium Smiles, including periodontal and whitening care, emergency dentistry, and aesthetic and implant dentistry. Additionally, the clinic provides patients with TMJ-related sleep apnea therapy using specially fitted oral appliances.

One patient commented: “Amazing office run by an amazing team. The last few dental visits I’ve had with other dentists’ locations have been bad over the past few years offering unnecessary & painful treatments. Dr. Korous & Haley changed my outlook and took great care of me to make my visit a much more positive and painless experience. Thank you.”

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