McKinney Joint Vibrational Analysis For TMD/TMJ, Biometric Diagnosis Launched

Now available to clients in Frisco, McKinney, and surrounding suburbs, the service offers biometric joint vibrational analysis (JVA) for diagnosing problems with the temporomandibular joint. The clinic can then determine the most suitable therapeutic approach, with its non-invasive treatments having a 95% success rate.

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The latest service from Millennium Smiles is designed to provide more timely identification and treatment of temporomandibular disorder (TMD), which the NIH says can affect up to 12% of the population. It adds to a wide range of other dental health solutions, which include 24/7 emergency dentistry, along with advanced cosmetics.

A report from Johns Hopkins Medicine highlights the range of physical impacts that TMD can have on an individual. These include jaw pain, headaches, pain throughout the face, neck, and upper back, earaches, clicking of the jaw, and several more generalized symptoms, such as dizziness, teeth sensitivity, and/or tingling fingers.

Given the broad range of symptoms, Millennium Smiles explains that TMD has been historically difficult to diagnose. In response, the clinic now offers an effective and a fast way to assess the function of the jaw joint using biometric testing.

The procedure takes approximately 5-minutes and involves the placing of a headphone-like device over a patient’s head. Clients are asked to make a series of movements with their jaw, and the technology is designed to detect and measure the resulting vibrations. This can then alert Millennium Smiles to the existence of any disturbances.

About Millennium Smiles

Now providing dental services from its Main Road and Lebanon Road clinics, Millennium Smiles is one of the leading dental providers in the wider Frisco region. In addition to TMJ and TMD therapy, the company offers dental crowns, dental implants, veneers, wisdom teeth treatment, orthodontics, Invisalign, Solea dental laser, and more.

One client recently stated: “I have had a plethora of work done from routine exams to more advanced dental work, and every time I have gone to Millennium Smiles I get treated like their only patient. The team is always prompt and professional, and their work is of the highest quality.”

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