McKinney Emergency Dental Implants | Injured & Broken Tooth Replacement Update

With the improved services, patients can request a dental implant to replace their broken tooth. Though missing teeth are often caused by an external trauma (such as falling down or a sports injury), poor lifestyle habits, including smoking or drinking, can increase the risk of tooth damage.

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Millennium Smiles updated its emergency dental services to include the latest technologies in dental implants, such as stronger and more in-depth scan technology and digital impressions. Now, dentists can take a 360-degree view of the mouth to design a more precise implant.

Before any implant is installed, the dentist needs to examine the jawbone to assess its structural integrity. Sometimes, extreme trauma can cause the jawbone to become weak, making dental implants impossible.

Patients who have healthy jawbones and are cleared for the procedure will then be injected with a local anesthetic. Those with dental anxiety or low tolerance for pain can request a stronger anesthetic, as necessary.

Millennium Smiles recommends seeing an emergency dentist if there is acute pain that cannot wait for normal business hours. Pain is one of the first ways one’s body signals that there is something wrong. If a tooth has become severely damaged, it may not fall out immediately, and instead cause sharp pain along the gums.

Clients should call an emergency dentist and try to numb their pain by placing ice around the area. Painkillers may also be taken.

Millennium Smiles is a trusted dental practice serving residents in Texas. Aside from its emergency services, it also offers same-day dental crowns, teeth whitening, periodontal disease consultation, orthodontics, and root canals, among other things.

It is led by Dr. Dunia Korous and has recently opened its second privately owned practice in Lebanon.

A spokesperson for the center wrote, “At Millennium Smiles, we aim to enhance our patients’ overall quality of life by treating underlying dental issues, implementing preventative maintenance, and improving self-confidence. From teeth cleaning to root canals and treating patients young to young-at-heart, Dr. Korous and her talented team will work to develop a customized treatment plan for you.”

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