McKinney Dental Implants & Overdentures To Improve Chewing Efficacy, Update

The dental practice’s new dental implant service gives adults a suitable option for replacing one or a few missing teeth or their entire upper or lower set. The implants, which serve as artificial roots, are then fitted with overdentures providing a secure and new-looking bite for adults with missing or damaged teeth.

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This service update offers a cosmetically appealing and long-lasting solution to decaying teeth, which can improve chewing efficacy and decrease oral pain. Millennium Smiles uses dental implants made from titanium rods, which are securely implanted into a patient’s jawbone for durability and optimal comfort.

Absent teeth can create chewing difficulties and increase the rate of gum disease in adults. Both of these issues can contribute to digestive health problems, which in turn affect overall health and immunity. Dental implants can not only improve oral and overall health, including chewing efficacy, but also make patients’ smiles more aesthetically pleasing, thus increasing their confidence and emotional well-being.

Millennium Smiles offers dental implants and overdentures that function just like natural teeth. Acting as artificial tooth roots, these implants increase blood flow to the gums’ deep tissue and the jawbone, improving oral health and decreasing sensitivity to cold and pressure. While dental implants work best with healthy gums and jawbones, Millennium Smiles can also treat diseased gums to get them ready for implants once healed.

About Millennium Smiles

Located in Frisco, TX, Millennium Smiles offers a wide variety of dental services to the greater Dallas-Fortworth community. Along with cosmetic dental services, the practice offers preventative periodontal care, orthodontics, and ozone care, as well as myofunctional therapy for children. The two primary dentists at Millennium Smiles, Dr. Park and Dr. Korous, have degrees from esteemed universities and a multitude of dental certifications between them.

“I went to Dr. Korous as a 2nd opinion for veneers after completing my Invisalign treatment to correct my bite,” said one satisfied client. “I was deeply appreciative of [the] thorough time she took to clinically –and aesthetically–evaluate, explain, and assure me the best treatment plan. I valued her highly-conservative, honest approach, to the healthiest long-term outcome for my case.”

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