McKinney All-On-X Dental Implants With Short Recovery Time For Adults, Update

The practice hopes this newly updated service will encourage more adults suffering from tooth damage or decay to seek treatment with long-lasting all-on-x dental implants. This type of implant can replace multiple damaged, decaying, or missing teeth with the need for a minimal amount of titanium rods which are permanently embedded into the jawbone, resulting in quicker recovery times.

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With this service expansion, Millennium Smiles offers adults a permanent option for improving the appearance and structure of their smiles with the most secure and natural-feeling replacement solution. The practice’s All-On-X dental implants use a bio-friendly, medical-grade titanium implant that encourages a patient’s real bone to fuse around it, allowing it to serve as an artificial tooth root.

For individuals with missing or damaged teeth, dental implants are the most long-lasting treatment to repair the smile. However, implants do require the jawbone and gum tissue to be reasonably healthy, so that they can be securely embedded into the mouth. Patients who’ve experienced bone loss or gum disease may need extra treatment in order to properly prepare their mouths for dental implants.

For patients who’ve experienced such bone loss or gum disease, Millennium Smiles offers specialized periodontal treatments to improve gum and bone health. Once the jawbone is considered fit, the practice can use its All-On-X dental implants to replace one tooth, a few teeth, or an entire upper or lower set, as needed. The crowns fastened overtop these implants are made from porcelain or zirconium, making them both durable and natural looking.

About Millennium Smiles

Founded by Dr. Dunia Korous in Frisco, Texas, Millennium Smiles strives to offer traditional dentistry and specialized preventative oral care services to the local communities. In addition to dental implants and crowns, the practice offers emergency dentistry, ozone therapy, cosmetic dentistry, and periodontal treatment. Through the practice’s specialized TMJ/Sleep Clinic, the dentists at Millennium Smiles also provide treatments and appliances for patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and TMJ.

“Coming here, I wanted to get some work done to correct the work I’d had done previously at another office, and immediately [the dentist] could tell what had been done and what had not been done, what was neglected,” said one satisfied patient. “She pointed out some things that I was not aware of that probably should have been pointed out to me by the previous doctor, and that was pretty impressive from the start. Once I saw that on my original exam, it was a no-brainer for me to come back and have work done at this office.”

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