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Maurilog – COVID Management, A New Service Line

In order to help its Clients to make the necessary adjustments during the Covid-crisis, Maurilog, the major company specialized in logistics services for the oil and the gas industry, mobilized its services since the beginning of the Pandemic. Hotels accommodation, Covid Screening, the deployment of a Ground Support Team… Maurilog was essential in helping their Clients to deal with the Covid crisis.

In March 2020 the world began to realise COVID was fast becoming a major Pandemic with outcomes that could only be imagined. There was little information available, consequently Governments all over the world struggled to find a course of action to curb the spread of the Virus. In Mauritania the situation was no different.

The need to respond quickly

Mauritanie Logistique was, and still is, contracted by a major Oil&Gas operator in Mauritania to provide services to support offshore decommissioning work which was in full swing at the time of the outbreak. With limited information as to the extent of the Pandemic, the Operator, decided to cease offshore operations and evacuate its employees. Sub-Contractors and Contractors alike followed the same action and within a short period of time the Project was declared as “temporarily suspended” due to the Pandemic.

During this period Maurilog maintained a very active role in assisting their Client with the support it needed during this challenging time.

Within several days the Offshore Drill Ship ceased all activity, proceeded to make the “Operation” safe, and initiated the demobilisation of people and equipment. Maurilog was very much involved with the demobilisation process and assisted where necessary, this included the provision of lifting and crew change services.

With the uncertainty of the Pandemic and the “Temporary Suspension” it took a few months of planning and preparation between Client and Maurilog before they decided to restart offshore operations. Maurilog was instrumental in the planning process and were heavily involved in assessing the various options. Using the expertise within Maurilog, plans were agreed with the Client and mobilisation activities began in earnest.

It was understood by all parties involved that managing the business would be significantly different to that prior to the Pandemic.

Maurilog provided several services to help its Clients adapt to the Pandemic

In consultation with Maurilog a number of mitigations, processes and controls were introduced to prevent an outbreak occurring Offshore, which would effectively stop all activity. This meant screening and quarantining all people arriving into country thus providing a level of assurance that the spread of Covid could be managed and curtailed.

Only by introducing new controls to reduce, prevent and monitor the potential spread, was permission given to proceed. Part of the restart requirements was to work closely with Maurilog on a number of key services, such as:

Meet & Greet – A long-established Maurilog service offering a 24/7 operation. Crews were transferred to / from the Airport, assisting with Airport formalities and transported to or from the designated Hotel or Staff House.

Quarantine & Wellbeing- The most significant change was the introduction of a 6-day Quarantine period for all arriving crews, this includes a systematic Covid testing process. A Standard Operating Procedure was developed by the Client to reflect corporate requirements and guidance. Individuals were confined to their room for 6 days. This may have a negative effect on some individuals, to monitor the situation the Maurilog Hotel Supervisor would, during the daily temperature checks, have a chat with the person to ascertain his or her wellbeing and if everything was okay from their perspective. This is an important aspect considering people had 6 days in complete isolation.

Hotels Accommodation – Maurilog selected a number of Hotels, conducted security and hygiene audits and made agreements with the Hotel management to agree the conditions during Quarantine. It was essential the individuals stay in their room at all times during the quarantine period and Hotel staff would not enter the room. Maurilog appointed a Hotel Supervisor to manage accordingly.

Covid Screening – In order to get an assurance that crews transferring offshore were Covid free; a regime of testing was introduced and managed by Maurilog. This involved employing two ISOS approved medical Doctors to perform Covid screening,

daily temperature checks and Antigen / PCR testing. All swab samples are delivered to the Health Authority Laboratory for analysis. The results of the analysis are distributed by Maurilog as soon as they are available.

Transportation Service – With an increased demand for Transport services Maurilog sourced and introduced additional vehicles and drivers. Every vehicle used to transfer crews to and from Hotels are cleaned thoroughly every day; and each vehicle has separation screens to minimise the risk of “close contacts”. All Drivers must wear the mandatory PPE.

Fast Crew Boat (FCB) – Although Maurilog had used the FCB previously for crew transfers to and from offshore; the introduction of Covid protection and prevention measures necessitated additional controls for the FCB crew. All FCB crew members that are in close proximity to the offshore crews were provided PPE by Maurilog, specifically when transiting to and from Offshore. Special arrangements were also introduced to segregate a section of the vessel should there be a “positive” case.

Ground Support Team – As a company with an excellent track record with the Client, Maurilog was determined to make the introduction of these new screening measures a complete success. To help achieve this a dedicated team was put in place without causing the any delays or having any non-compliance issues despite the newness. All support teams working in close proximity to the offshore crews, are Covid tested weekly and always wear the necessary PPE.

To conclude; there have been challenges during the introduction of the new services to combat Covid, but with meaningful discussions and a proactive approach Maurilog excelled and performed its responsibilities efficiently and within the demanding timeline.

Recent accolades from the Client is testament of the hard work and dedication of the teams involved.

With Covid still a concern, the controls and preventative measures that have been put in place, and managed by Maurilog, are working as designed and offshore operations continue unabated.