Auto-Investor Launches 15th June 2022 Auto-Investor Launches 15th June 2022

United Kingdom — is a trading bot that combines AI and blockchain technology to make investments on behalf of users. Starting 15th June at 12:00 UTC, the trading bot will make trades on behalf of users. After making a deposit, it will allow them to earn daily compound interest, which can be withdrawn at any time or reinvested into the platform for higher interest rates.

Automated Investments

The cryptocurrency market is one of the hottest investment options in the world right now. But it can also be pretty intimidating for people who don’t know how to invest or trade. That’s where the passive income trading bot comes in. will automatically allow users to invest without any knowledge of trading or finance. The company’s proprietary artificial intelligence system scans the market for opportunities with measurable profit potential, which are then presented to the user for approval.

According to the company, the MaticFund bot will use AI to help analyze market trends and optimize investment portfolios. It will also provide users with real-time information about their portfolio’s performance.

The MaticFund Bot will take advantage of a proprietary algorithm that measures how likely a particular investment will generate profits in the future. The algorithm scores each opportunity based on several factors, including historical price performance and volatility, liquidity, market capitalization, volume, and more.

“We created this platform specifically for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to invest,” said the CEO of the “It uses artificial intelligence technology that can be applied across investments that target many different industries and sectors.”

Matic Cryptocurrency

Users must use the Matic cryptocurrency in deposit, and the bot will do everything for them. To invest using the bot, one must create a wallet, buy Matic from Polygon chain, connect the wallet and make a deposit. The dapp will offer a daily compounded interest of up to 1.61 % APR on both deposits and profits earned by traders.

The platform uses native cryptocurrency called Matic (MATIC). This utility token is used as collateral to provide all traders with an opportunity to receive sustainable passive income streams.

About is a platform that allows users to purchase, sell and store Matic tokens. It provides a simple interface for users to trade on the MATIC blockchain without dealing with the technicalities of setting up wallets or downloading blocks.


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