“Mastering You” Author Skip Cummins Announces the Launch of Online Course, Fosters Change by Challenging Deep Psychological Programming

Author and speaker Skip Cummins are excited to announce the launch of How to Master Your Origin Challenge, an online course that helps students identify and alter unhelpful beliefs and behaviors instilled during the first 18 years of life. By diving deep into and understanding unwanted subconscious programming, Cummins offers students a way to create lasting change, experience fewer mistakes and failures, and take maximum advantage of opportunities in the future. How to Master Your Origin Challenge is available now on Udemy.

Cummins believes that anyone who has said, “I wish that I knew what I know now” about any event in their past can benefit from this course. By taking the time to discover what old thoughts and habits are holding them back, those following the program can create a plan for future success. This course appeals to anyone feeling stuck personally or professionally, who has experienced a major life setback, or continually finds themselves saying “I wish that I know what I know now” about their past and is ready to make a revolutionary life change.

“Your origin programming,” explains Cummins, “is the behavioral, social, emotional, intellectual and psychological DNA given to you by your parents. By redefining this DNA, then planning, measuring, reporting and rewarding the mastery of your origin, you can begin to realize your full potential.” Cummins describes this course as being the first step to becoming free from the outside forces trying to define you both personally and professionally, enabling you to master yourself from the inside out.

The Master Your Origin course includes seven sections (an introduction and six lessons) that empower students to understand who and what they are and why. Through video instruction, worksheets and other resources, learners discover their origin programming and identify traits that are helping and hurting them. They can then revise those negative programs and hold themselves compassionately accountable for mastering their origin. Cummins hopes that by going through this process as he did, students will learn to avoid those situations that later have them saying I wish that I knew what I know now. The course is accessible on mobile devices and includes 33 downloadable resources. Anyone interested in purchasing the program can preview the Introduction segment on the Udemy site free of charge. Students have lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Skip Cummins, author of Mastering You from the Inside Out: Survive and Thrive Personally and Professionally (available on Amazon), has been called “the most combative CEO in America” by a Wall Street TV personality. He’s also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Epilepsy Foundation. Cummins has experienced a life of tremendous ups and downs. He was raised by his grandmother in a small blue-collar area in Pennsylvania and was the first person from his town to graduate from an Ivy League college. Cummins went on to build a successful business career and was CEO of a company that pioneered a medical device that changed the lives of sufferers of drug-resistant epilepsy and severe depression. After a series of professional and personal tragedies, he lost everything he had built, including his family and his $50 million fortune. Cummins now shares with readers of his book and students of his course who say I wish that I knew what I know now how he rebuilt his life to be stronger, better, and more stable by using the Mastering You program and how they can do it, too.