Massage Spa Waterloo, Liverpool: Deep Tissue & Swedish Back Treatment Updated

These treatments have been specifically tailored to stimulate circulation, aid in breaking fatty deposits and cellulite, and soothe aching back muscles.

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This launch signifies the spa’s commitment to meeting the evolving wellness needs of the community in Waterloo, Liverpool. The update of these deep tissue therapies aligns with the “Back to school, back to you” season, offering parents an opportunity for personal quality time and relaxation.

According to the Spa Industry Association, getting a massage has several benefits. Firstly, it makes the body release positive chemicals like endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, as well as reducing the stress hormone cortisol. The article also discusses physical benefits like increased blood and lymph circulation, pain relief, and better sleep.

The G5 deep tissue massage is a mechanical massage machine that allows the therapist to get deeper into the tissue. The treatment is a good option for sports-related aches. In addition to being pain-alleviating, the G5 massage can have a toning effect, and The Treatment Rooms recommends a course with 2-3 sessions per week for full effect.

The Swedish back massage offers a gentler approach, aiming to relax the whole body through gliding strokes and kneading. Active people usually prefer this deep tissue treatment as it targets tense muscles and is especially suited for back pain relief. The deep tissue massage addresses specific muscular issues and provides an overall sense of well-being and rejuvenation.

About The Treatment Rooms

The massage treatments are grounded in recognised therapeutic principles and are delivered by trained and certified professionals, with owner Jackie holding a diploma in sports therapy. The spa has generous opening hours, and otther than massages, the spa offers treatments like pedicures, waxes, and facials.

Satisfied customer Sue shared her experience: “Great place for all treatments including waxing, facials, best pedicures around, manicures, massages. Highly recommend, and they always manage to fit you in to suit you!”

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The Treatment Rooms

54 Mersey View, Brighton le Sands

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