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Marriott Jets Offers Customers Chance To Own Shares and Earn Quarterly Dividends from Its Private Jets

August 30, 2021 15:30 – Marriott Jets by Marriott Aviation Holdings the largest Aircraft fractional ownership operator is happy to announce its new program where clients can own a share in a private jet and get paid quarterly dividends from chartering operations. The company has introduced the BlueArising Program which allows shareholders to diversify their investments and generate an exceptional return from a profitable and tangible asset. 

Marriott Jets offers its service to notable personalities from business, politics and entertainment, and has supported military movements, medical evacuations, marine searches, firefighting, tourism, commerce, etc. It has delivered the best of aviation services with its fleet of the most modern and latest aircrafts in the industry, which includes Bombardier Global 7500, Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream G650, Cessna Citation Latitude, etc.

Marriott Jets customizes its Shared Ownership and Access programs to cater to individual needs of the different owners. The company always ensures that its owners fly faster, arrive sooner, and benefit from the increased operational efficiency. 

BlueArising will allow qualified individuals the access to micro-fractional units (shares) in our new jet, which will be added to our feet this quarter.

We strongly believe that BlueArising presents immense benefits to its members – and 45 of our chartering clients have already subscribed to the program, becoming the first owners of BlueArising Fractional Units.”

Ms. Jessica Hoffmann, Associate Media Director Marriott Aviation Holdings INC.

“By combining concierge-style service and a commitment to innovation, no wants or needs go unnoticed. We even track Owner preferences so that we can consistently deliver personalized experiences”, said a spokesperson from Marriott Jets. 

Marriott Jets also offers a Premium Jet Card Program to its owners. Under this program, owners have a fixed cost of ownership which covers the indirect expenses like pilot training, insurance, operational cost, etc. An owner gets to purchase an asset or a share of a specific aircraft from a minimum of 50 flight hours per year at a price over the course of a specific term in the type of aircraft owned. Owners are guaranteed a predictable acquisition cost for the entire term of the contract.

Marriott Jets prides itself for maintaining the highest standards across all aspects of private travel, including safety, service, and attention to detail. Its fractional program is the first in the world to be recognized as achieving both the Air Charter Safety Foundation’s Industry Audit Standard and more than 20 FAA Diamond Awards for Excellence. For shareholders and investors, Marriott Jets is the perfect opportunity to invest and generate revenue. 

In 1995, Marriott Jets, a part of the Directional Aviation, entered the shared ownership market. Over the years, it has established itself as a brand that delivers exceptional travel experiences featuring world-class service.

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