Mario Medeiros Announces The Launch of His New Venture Comixgags

Atwater, CA– Mario Medeiros is all set to announce his latest venture, Comixgags. The idea behind its establishment was to write comic magazines or graphic novels for elementary, junior high, and high school audiences. Another target market for the company is adults interested in comics and graphic novels.

Mario believes that comic books are fun and are often read for entertainment purposes. The idea of comic books as we know them started with action comics number one in 1938, where the world was introduced to the man in a blue costume and red cape, aka Superman. Since then, the world of comic books has undergone several changes as new, more complex characters were introduced.

Comic books are something that transcends through generations and that serve as a key motivation for Mario. He aspires to give comic book readers and enthusiasts what they want in comic books.

According to Mario, “Comic books as we understand them today are a medium – they are a great way to tell stories and a great way to get people immersed, irrespective of their age.”

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