March 2023 ERTC For Small Businesses, Eligibility & Application Service Updated

By providing a dedicated ERTC eligibility checking service, the recent update LP Consulting LLC’s team can also audit and assist clients throughout their application in order to help them obtain their due funding.

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The updated Employee Retention Tax Credits services include an initial no-obligation consultation that can determine if a client’s business meets the new eligibility requirements, with a complete application package service for those who qualify.

The CARES act provided vital support for many small business owners during the recent pandemic, but restrictions meant that initially, those who had taken out PPP were not able to apply for ERTC funding. However, following a change in legislation, previously ineligible small businesses are now able to receive the ERTC money.

LP Consulting LLC’s certified public accountants help small business owners get this crucial funding with their specialized checking and application support services.

As the company explains, the ERTC funds are not a loan and require no repayments to be made, making them a valuable source of income for any business that struggled during the pandemic. Furthermore, the funding considers the period between March 12, 2020, and before October 1st, 2021, meaning individuals can backdate their application.

Small business owners, who want to find out if they could be owed up to $5,000 per employee, can fill out LP Consulting LLC’s short questionnaire on details such as how many W-2s they issued between 2020 and 2021. Using this information alongside raw payroll data and PPP loan documents, the firm can calculate an estimate of a client’s ERTC payout, as well as begin preparing an IRS audit-proof application package.

The ERTC experts highlight that, while funding applications can be done by anyone, specialized insight is needed to ensure a client meets the eligibility requirements. That’s why LP Consulting LLC’s team is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the process, and why other bookkeepers may struggle to submit a successful application.

A spokesperson for LP Consulting LLC said, “We only specialize in maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits for small business owners. When you engage us, rest assured that you’ve hired the best CPA Firm to lock in this one-time opportunity for a large refund check from the IRS.”

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