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Wilmington, Delaware Jun 22, 2023 ( – Planning plays a crucial role in enhancing organizational performance through the optimization of operations, efficient time management, and the effective utilization of resources to accomplish objectives. It enables the organization to achieve significant goals and attain the desired outcomes. Additionally, effective planning equips individuals and organizations to navigate changes in the workplace and adapt more efficiently to new challenges and responsibilities.

Marcelene Anderson has thrived in providing organizations solutions to their needs, and she offers this wealth of knowledge in her book, Determine Your Own Future or Someone Else Will: The Seven-Step Guide to Plan for Self Determination.

Determine Your Own Future or Someone Else Will is a practical and insightful book offering a comprehensive roadmap for individuals, communities, and organizations seeking to shape their destinies. Drawing from her extensive experience collaborating with Indigenous groups and business organizations, Marcelene Anderson presents a proven seven-step approach that empowers readers to achieve their goals through effective planning and execution.

The strength of this book lies in its practicality. Anderson offers clear guidance on developing and updating strategic and operational plans, ensuring that readers are equipped with the necessary tools to move their organizations forward in alignment with their vision and objectives.

The advantage of Anderson’s seven-step Creating Results System lies in its flexibility, allowing users to customize the process according to their specific requirements. For instance, if they are content with their mission and vision, they can focus on other areas of priority.

To establish priorities, organizations may conduct an end-of-fiscal year review to identify successful aspects and areas requiring improvement using the 7-Step Checklist to Create Your Future.

The book’s chapters also serve as a resource guide for problem-solving and development, offering insights into specific areas such as creating effective action plans.

Anderson’s emphasis on successful implementation is particularly valuable. By highlighting the importance of consistently executing strategies, Anderson provides readers with practical insights on how to turn plans into tangible results.

The book also offers advice on building an executive team, engaging employees, and fostering a culture of accountability and commitment to achieving strategic priorities on time.

“Determine Your Own Future” serves as a guide for both seasoned professionals and those new to strategic planning. It is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to take charge of their own destiny.

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Embrace your destiny. Get your copy today through leading online platforms.

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Book Title: Determine Your Own Future or Someone Else Will: The Seven-Step Guide to Plan for Self Determination

Author: Marcelene Anderson

Publisher: iUniverse

Represented by: Great Writers Media

Published Date: November 15, 2022

Book Genre: Self-Help, Advice and How-to, Leadership, Self-Improvement

About the Author

Marcelene Anderson, Founder, and CEO of Raven Strategic Solutions has worked with Indigenous leaders and business organizations including some Fortune 500 businesses, for 40 years to plan and realize their desired future. Her core belief is that all people have a right to determine their future. She grew up in the original homeland of the Dakota people in Southern Minnesota developing an interest in Indigenous people. She began her career working in service roles, with people of all age groups in non-profit organizations, following which she transitioned to large corporations and joined a large consultancy to help implement the first modern treaty, marking the beginning of her ongoing commitment to working with Indigenous people to help them create their own future.

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