Manitoba Implant Overdentures For Chewing Efficacy for Over 50s, Updated

With the update, Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre wants to help clients over 50 who have ill-fitting or loose dentures improve their chewing efficiency. Overdentures offer clients ease of chewing, speaking, and renewed confidence.

Unlike other removable dentures, implant overdentures are anchored to implants placed directly into the jawbone. Because they only require a minimum of two implants for the bottom teeth and four implants for the top, they provide a much better fit and function than traditional dentures. However, like traditional dentures, yearly check-ups are recommended to ensure proper fit and function. Denturists at Minuk Denture Clinic welcome their clients to call and schedule a check-up at any time if they have questions regarding their smile. There is no reason to suffer in silence when there are solutions available.

Denturists at Minuk Denture Clinic will create a natural-looking smile that will be secured to the implants (placed by a periodontist or dentist). The team will work together to ensure the treatment goes as smoothly as possible. Should there be questions about cost, the Denturists can discuss various payment options at the time of the free consultation.

If the overdenture needs to be relined or refitted due to changes in the mouth, this service can all be done at Minuk Denture Clinic. Implant overdentures can last many years with proper maintenance and care.

Studies have shown that the psychological effects of missing teeth can be profound to one’s self-confidence. Replacing any missing teeth will not only help while eating ( digestion starts in the mouth), but it will also help regain lost confidence. This will help establish confidence and ensure that all foods can be enjoyed and that there is no fear in attending social functions while worrying about dentures slipping, sliding, or reapplying denture adhesive.

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