Manitoba All-On-X Dental Implants To Support Dentures For Seniors Updated

The latest launch offers clients an affordable and effective alternative to traditional dentures, allowing them to enjoy the foods they love and rebuild confidence in social settings. The centre is renowned in the greater Winnipeg area for its advanced digital denture design processes.

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The announcement underlines Minuk’s commitment to helping elderly clients improve their bite power and reduce the discomfort that comes with standard moulds. In addition to its All-On-X services, the centre is offering complimentary consultations to new clients and is also expanding its insurance direct billing solutions to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for Denturist products and services.

The term All-On-X refers to a method of installing a full set of prosthetic teeth using just at least four implants to secure a full arch in either, or both, the upper and lower jaw. The procedure is suitable for those with missing teeth, ailing dental health, or in need of multiple implants or dentures.

Minuk’s digital denture process offers superior comfort, utilizing 3D scanning for accuracy beyond the size of human hair. The All-On-X replacement teeth fit snugly onto titanium posts which are inserted into a client’s jaw. This provides a robust and potentially lifetime solution to missing teeth with bite power rivalling that of natural teeth.

As people age, bone density reduces which can leave nerves in the jaw exposed. Traditional dentures will move and aggravate the problem area, causing pain and discomfort. Minuk’s implant dentures, including All-On-X arches, remain in place, eliminating this problem.

Other advantages of the Minuk approach include the ability to easily replace dentures with digital scanning allowing the centre to store and rapidly recall client’s imaging and design blueprints, a fully customized and equilibrated bite, premium heat-cured denture bases, and high-end materials – layered and sharpened for long term use.

The centre’s full arch denture products are milled together to improve their strength with no bonding agents used that are likely to disintegrate over time. Other notable features include the dentures’ stain-resistant performance.

A spokesperson says, “If you are missing all your teeth, a full dental arch can be supported by implants. With a fixed restoration, the palate of your denture can be cut out making it easier to speak, eat and taste your food. If you want to say goodbye to dentures dental implants may be right for you.”

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