Manhattan Local & Long Distance Moving, High-Rise Apartment Rates Guide Launched

The costs for a moving company to transport belongings can vary widely, particularly when factors such as driving distance, carrying distance, and common packing mistakes are factored in. This latest guide from focuses on several methods for optimizing a move, reducing costs, and estimating the overall expense.

More information about no-obligation rate estimates, and tips for avoiding common mistakes can be found in the full report at

The first step for any successful move, the new guide explains, is advance planning. It explores several ways that scheduling a move well in advance, having everything properly packed, and finding the right moving company, can simplify the entire process. It also includes a simple tool for estimating rates for any move and getting professional quotes from local movers.

To get up to 7 no-cost, no-obligation quotes from local experts, users can fill out a simple form on the website. The information will be shared with 7 of the top companies in the local area, so they can estimate the cost, provide additional details, or offer suggestions to optimize the process.

While individual results will vary, the report suggests that by booking a move up to 6 months in advance, users can often reduce their rates by up to 25%. Scheduling in advance also offers several other benefits, such as allowing users to sell any unwanted items in a garage sale, rather than paying to have them relocated.

The report also covers several other steps users can take in advance, to limit the amount of work needed on the day of the move, and to eliminate additional fees. These include methods for collecting boxes and packing materials, strategies for efficient packing, and steps that can be taken in advance to simplify any potential insurance claims.

Though professional movers are recommended for most clients, the report also suggests several ways that individuals can reduce their rates by completing more of the work themselves. These include options for truck rentals, portable storage units, and moving certain items in advance.

A spokesperson for explained, “How much does it cost to move long distance? The average price can be anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 — depending on the size of your home, amount of belongings, distance of your move, and method you choose.”

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