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Malden MA Renters Insurance/Lease Agreement Signing Tips – Report Released

The recently published report entitled “5 things you should know before signing a lease” helps property renters understand their responsibilities before they sign on the dotted line. By doing their due diligence in advance, renters can avoid potential costs and hassles during their lease term.

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By releasing this report, the insurance company can simplify the rental process for many readers. Renters will understand the importance of reading each line of a lease agreement, learn how to calculate their total monthly financial commitment, and be able to purchase appropriate renter’s insurance.

According to a Harvard University study, rental rates are at a historical high for renters under age 65. As such, the author suggests that renters do their due diligence to ensure they are getting a fair price. They should analyze average rent prices in their chosen neighborhood, the typical condition of rental properties there, and the quality of local amenities.

The author also warns renters not to rely on verbal agreements, and make sure everything negotiated is included in a written lease agreement. Any extra fees for utilities, pets, parking, etc. need to be spelled out in the lease, so renters are aware of all their financial responsibilities.

Finally, the insurance expert explains why renter’s insurance is useful, and sometimes requested by landlords. A landlord’s homeowner policy only covers the building, whereas a renter’s policy will cover personal belongings if they get lost or destroyed. Renter’s insurance also provides liability coverage if a visitor is injured in the apartment.

BRZ Insurance can help renters find a suitable renter’s policy. It works with respected insurance carriers such as Progressive, Bunker Hill, Plymouth Rock, Safeco, and Universal Property.

The Malden-based brokerage offers a variety of options for individuals and businesses, including auto, boat, life, commercial property, umbrella, general liability, and homeowner’s insurance. Its brokers are able to communicate in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and can help clients anywhere in Massachusetts.

A satisfied customer said: “I had an incredible experience with BRZ Insurance. I submitted an insurance claim and BRZ helped me through the entire process. They have great customer service and extremely attentive staff.”

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