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Malden MA Construction Site Video Surveillance 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring Launch

The business’ new service range includes crime and theft protection, fire and flood prevention, equipment safety, and more. These security measures are delivered through the use of state-of-the-art round-the-clock video monitoring capabilities.

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The updated offerings were initiated to provide property owners and contractors with peace of mind through effective detection, prevention, and mitigation of loss and liability as a result of intrusions, burglary, vandalism, or other forms of criminal activity. Besides video surveillance, they utilize top-of-the-line artificial intelligence, radar, and thermal motion detectors as added safeguards.

According to security experts, 21% of construction sites in the country experience theft weekly. With Video Guard Pro’s remote monitoring services, customers are afforded thorough reconnaissance from all angles of the property. Their services offer invisible fences, tripwires, intrusion zones, and satellite geofencing around the perimeter and interior of the site.

Furthermore, customers have full access to their Video Guard Pro devices which they can connect to through their phones, tablets, or computers.

The system is remotely monitored and controlled by qualified professional protection specialists 24 hours a day from the company’s dispatch command operations center. The surveillance team is equipped to notify customers and law enforcement the instant criminal activity is observed. They even stop wrongdoing in real-time by activating alarm strobes and speaking directly to intruders through built-in speakers in the cameras.

Expert installers can outfit properties in a matter of days depending on the scale of the project. No internet connection is required as all devices are equipped with 4G LTE capabilities. If there is no source of power at the site, solar-powered devices may be provided.

Video Guard Pro also offers surveillance services for wind and solar parks, warehouses, seaport and container storage, vacant buildings, industrial facilities, farmlands, car dealerships, major events, and more.

According to a spokesperson from Video Guard Pro, “Our system views everywhere on your property night and day. We respond immediately to deter thieves. It’s far more effective than paying expensive security guards who can’t view everywhere at once.”

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