Malaysia Couples Therapy & Licensed Marriage Counseling Service Launched

Following the announcement, clients can use the services of the center’s licensed marriage counselors who are ready to help struggling couples mend their relationships. 360 Wellness Hub believes the majority of divorces can be avoided if couples seek professional counseling immediately as problems arise.

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The latest announcement comes in light of the alarming 2021 divorce rates in Malaysia, which saw 43,934 couples ending their marriages. In order to reduce the number of divorces and to help salvage as many marriages as possible, the team at 360 Wellness Hub is offering its professional services to couples who see any of the following warning signs in their relationships.

If anyone notices that they or their partner may be emotionally distancing themselves, this is a telltale sign of the marriage beginning to fail, according to 360 Wellness Hub. Examples of emotional distancing include failing to confide in each other, no longer sharing feelings with a spouse, and feeling resentment towards a partner. Many couples have been known to try and remedy emotional distancing by organizing a vacation together, but the team at 360 Wellness Hub cautions that a vacation only covers up the root of the issue instead of solving the underlying problem.

Another indicator that a marriage may be heading for divorce is viewing a partner as a roommate instead of as a spouse. Signs that this may be occurring include conversations that are strictly related to practical matters, such as paying bills or tending to other household responsibilities. The professionals at 360 Wellness Hub say it is not uncommon for couples to begin sleeping in different rooms when this warning sign becomes evident and is therefore critical to take immediate action before the relationship declines further.

Leading to the third warning sign, a lack of intimacy. 360 Wellness Hub highlights that physical intimacy between couples is one of the most important factors that all successful marriages have, as it helps strengthen the emotional bond that couples share. Over time, though, intimacy can decline due to a variety of reasons, including busy schedules and stress outside of the home. The good news is that a lack of intimacy can easily be resolved through communication and effort by both partners, says 360 Wellness Hub.

With the latest announcement, 360 Wellness Hub continues to provide professional services from its licensed therapists to individuals all across Malaysia. The organization urges couples who are experiencing turbulence in their relationship to seek professional help before deciding on a divorce.

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