Maintaining Brand Consistency On Social Media Platforms, Marketing Guide Launch

LO:LA’s new guide presents businesses with strategies for creating a strong and consistent brand, ensuring their values and mission align across all platforms. The guide also details the advantages of implementing and maintaining an effective brand messaging framework.

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Businesses spend a lot of time, resources, and effort to build a dependable and recognizable brand. Research shows that consistent branding can improve revenues by as much as 33%. But similar studies suggest that businesses only have, on average, 5 to 7 interactions to make an impression on customers. This means that while branding must be consistent, it also has to be attention-grabbing. In its latest guide, LO:LA lists a few guidelines that brands need to follow if they want to engage customers effectively.

Firstly, they need to develop a checklist for building brand identity and maintaining consistent messaging. This checklist should outline the story of the brand, communication methods, mission statement, brand toolkit, company culture, and marketing requirements.

The brand toolkit, specifically, is a component LO:LA encourages businesses to focus on. “The brand toolkit includes all of the colors, logos, slogans, corporate graphics, and branded templates that a business will utilize in its marketing,” said a spokesperson for LO:LA. “To set a brand apart, these elements need to be powerful and impactful, but also compatible and interchangeable on all platforms.”

Once the brand checklist is established, the business needs to roll it out across all marketing touchpoints. These touchpoints should be diverse in their audience to ensure maximum reach and can include such channels as social media, public relations, product placement, and events. Businesses must also educate their employees on how to represent the brand through customer service and support.

According to LO:LA, strong and consistent branding is crucial when it comes to acquiring and retaining both customers and employees. In highly competitive spaces, a strong brand image can separate a business from its competitors and establish it as an industry leader, ultimately resulting in more sales.

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