Mail & Print Outsourcing For SMBs: Invoice & Statement Layout Design Update

The family-owned and operated outsourced mailing business now offers design services to complement its portfolio of offerings, and can create invoices, statement layouts, and job reports related to the client’s mailings. Towne Mailer is geared toward helping medical professionals, governmental agencies, utilities, and other businesses throughout the USA reduce costs by outsourcing all their printing and mailing needs – particularly printing and mailing invoices, statements, bills, notices, etc.

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Towne Mailer now also provides bulk mail services of all types. Since the space and financial resources required for printing-related supplies, machinery, and processing are substantial, outsourcing these tasks to Towne Mailer allows companies to focus on their own business priorities – reducing expenses at the same time. Furthermore, clients will have a well-organized record of each of their mailings.

Allowing a team of print, design, and mailing experts to handle these activities not only frees up a company’s own workers to concentrate on mission-critical tasks but also increases proficiency across the board. For instance, outsourcing printing gives clients access to graphic designers and print professionals who can quickly create marketing collateral, such as business cards and brochures as well as magazines, posters, and promotional items.

Towne Mailer’s three-step process is straightforward. First, clients explain what they need mailed – bills, statements, invoices, letters, notices, bulk mail, marketing brochures, or anything else. Towne Mailer then provides an estimate and timeframe. Finally, the customer uploads relevant data onto the company’s secure server.

Efficiency, accuracy, and customer service are the company’s top priorities. They hold the view that clear and transparent communication is the cornerstone of best practices – they are keenly acutely aware of the importance of prompt, succinct, and economical contact with their clients.

One client commented: “I cannot speak more highly of the service we receive from Towne Mailer. What took me 5-8 hours to mail now takes about 2 mins and the cost is lower (really not kidding here). Additionally, my customers like the return envelopes which make the accounting of payments easier.”

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