Macro Announces the Introduction of UL Listed 90% Fire Extinguisher Dry Chemicals

China – Guangdong Macro Fire Technology Company is proud to announce the introduction of the brand-new Dry Chemical 90% for use in fire extinguishers. The product has been fully tested and accredited by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the dry chemical industry’s global safety authority.

This new product is designed to handle class A, B, C, and D fires as an ABC chemical agent. This type of extinguisher is best used in dealing with large-area fires, making it an essential part of any commercial or industrial operation’s fire safety protocols.

Macro UL certified dry chemicals for fire extinguishers will offer its client various innovative advantages and features. It has a low moisture content, offering stable quality and excellent fluidity. It is a toxic-free formulation that doesn’t present any danger to human beings and is quickly filled into an extinguisher.

The technical profile makes it an excellent component for fire extinguishers. It has a 90.89 percent ammonium phosphate content with an average density of 0.8982 grams per milliliter. It also has a moisture content upper ceiling of 0.2 percent with high water repellency.

The dry powder has a hygroscopicity that doesn’t exceed 1.5 percent and has a dielectric strength equal to or less than 5 Kilovolts.

Fire extinguisher components are strictly regulated to ensure public safety. The dry powder has undergone rigorous trials under the auspices of the UL to guarantee that they meet all the performance and component requirements for fire extinguisher dry chemicals. The company has a large presence in the firefighting industry in China and beyond.

Guangdong Macro Fire Technology is fully accredited by international safety oversight bodies and is certified by UL. The company has undergone thorough safety inspections to ensure quality, reliability, and effectiveness. They employ stringent quality control systems that make use of world-class testing tools to evaluate every stage of the production process.

Dry chemical importers and fire extinguisher manufacturers worldwide can order Macro dry chemicals in various quantities, including export-type pallets, 25-kilogram carton stands, 20-kilogram drums, 25-kilogram woven bags, and 1,000-kilogram jumbo bags.

Macro offers its clients Private Labeling or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) as well as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) support on all its products. This means that clients can choose to have their order customized with their own brand, packaging, product size, and so on. OEM contract manufacturing means that the company will create the client’s order according to their unique specifications.

With over 20 years in the ABC dry chemical and fire extinguisher manufacturing industry and experience operating for more than 20 years worldwide, Macro Fire Technology has created strong links with partners worldwide. With a production capacity of more than 2 million fire extinguishers each year and 20,000 tons of dry chemical products, Guangdong Macro Fire is set to address global supply chain challenges.

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