Maalexi Secures US$ 1 Million in Debt Capital from a Prominent Silicon Valley Lender

Azam Pasha on the right and Rohit Majhi on the left at Central Fruit Market Al Aweer Dubai

This debt capital will help Maalexi to propel SME agri-businesses into global cross-border trade, securing them through its data-driven innovative agri-trade fintech platform.

Wilmington, Delaware Aug 12, 2023 ( – Maalexi, proudly announces the successful raising of a key round of debt capital from a distinguished Silicon Valley lender renowned for backing over 100 cutting-edge tech companies including industry giants like Uber. This initial capital infusion also strengthens the company’s ability to raise further debt capital of upto US$ 5 million from the same lender and hence is a pivotal milestone for the company. This capital raise allows the company to keep moving forward on its mission of empowering small agri-businesses by mitigating the crucial performance and payment risks, thus making them safer and stronger to increase their direct participation in cross-border trade. With a relentless focus on transforming the agri-trade landscape, the company has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative approach, ingenious tools, and advanced technologies to address the challenges faced by small agri-businesses in the realm of global trade.

The company’s exclusive abilities to capture and process proprietary data, which includes financial and non-financial information along with transactional data of its users, allows it to provide critical risk data that is difficult to acquire by any-other participants in the international agri-trade ecosystem. Furthermore, the company’s risk management engine provides comprehensive scoring and pricing, which supports its financial partners to extend their financing solutions to small agri-businesses, helping them to navigate the intricacies of cross-border transactions more efficiently, and confidently.

The injection of this round of debt capital from this strong lender reaffirms the company’s significant role in supporting small agri-businesses in their effort to access international markets, get much-needed financing from financial institutions, and realize better margins. The lender is renowned for its track record of nurturing groundbreaking tech companies and catalyzing their growth through strategic financing. With an extensive portfolio of clients in Silicon Valley and beyond, they bring unparalleled expertise and a forward-thinking approach to their partnership with Maalexi. This strategic funding will be channeled into expanding the company’s operational capabilities and scaling its highly desired sales offering to a wider customer base.

“This capital infusion not only validates the significance of our mission but also empowers us to scale our impact and support even more small agri-businesses in realizing their full potential on the global stage. We are excited to work hand in hand with our lenders, and investors as we continue to drive innovation and reshape the global agri-trade landscape”, was firmly reiterated by Dr Azam Pasha, Co-Founder and CEO of Maalexi. Rohit Majhi, Co-Founder and CTO of Maalexi said that “We are thrilled to secure this critical investment that will help us acquire a wider set of new users, and channelize us to further optimize our tech-stack”.

Maalexi is an agri-trade fintech that provides a dynamic risk management platform assuring payment and performance for small agri-businesses in cross-border trade. Maalexi’s proactive and robust risk management ecosystem helps small local exporters, processors, and producers to sell more and realize higher and more predictable margins in international markets – safer, faster, and cheaper than they do now. Maalexi mitigates key trade risks in cross-border trade, hence making these trades secure and bankable. Maalexi’s proprietary risk data capturing and processing tools are augmented with advanced AI and ML applications, secured through blockchain-based technologies, and embedded with risk and trade finance solutions. The platform has reached a level of automation that assures negligible incremental transactional costs, thereby helping users scale by executing the smallest trades securely, with requisite due diligence and complete end-to-end visibility. Maalexi is on a mission to ‘strengthen global food security’ by democratizing cross-border trade for small food and agri-businesses.

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