Luxury Custom-Made Black Goodyear Welt Saddle Shoe With Hand Patina Launched

Their new saddle shoes are made by hand in an artisan workshop in a town in Spain that has been handcrafting shoes since the 18th century. Robert August believes American shoppers deserve the finest-quality European footwear, which is why they are proud to be releasing their new collection of luxury handmade saddle shoes.

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Robert August is proud to be at the forefront of the 2023 saddle shoe resurgence with popular style-defining brands like JCrew also bringing this collegiate favorite back to life this year.

In their new collection, Robert August has channeled this distinguished mid-century style and has breathed new life into it by giving shoppers the opportunity to customize the shoe and select from both vintage and modern colors and finishes.

Shoppers can now purchase new shoes like The Lincoln Ave. Saddle Shoe No. 8086. This classic option has a white calf leather front and back with a navy blue saddle and tongue. It is offset with white laces and a traditional hand-painted tan sole.

Robert August is now letting shoppers change and modernize the look of the shoe by selecting the two colors of their saddle, with black, brown, burgundy and cognac being popular shades for 2023. They can also select distinct finishes, like an artisan hand patina or genuine alligator or python.

All of Robert August’s new saddle shoes are also made using a Goodyear welt. This time-honored shoemaking tradition improves the longevity and comfort of a shoe, ensuring it molds fully to a wearer’s feet.

Robert August crafts their shoes on a made-to-order basis in Spain and offers complimentary shipping to all American customers.

A spokesperson for the popular retailers said, “Our Saddle Shoes are the perfect way to add a touch of style to any outfit. Their distinct two-color look is a timeless classic that looks great with both casual and formal styles. These versatile shoes get their name from the saddle-shaped piece that goes across the lace area, and, with a Robert August pair, you will enjoy the finest style and quality.”

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