Lutterworth Roof Tile & Solar Panel Cleaning: Moss Removal Services Announced

With the latest announcement, Mac’s Cleaning Services recommends local homeowners arrange to have their roofs cleared as soon as possible if they have not done so in the past year. If left to accumulate, moss and algae can retain moisture, causing leaks, erosion, and weakening in the building structure.

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The local service provider is currently scheduling cleaning sessions with home and business owners ahead of the busy summer season, which is considered the best period to clean roofs due to the dryer weather. Some of the other areas Mac’s cleaning services covers are Hinckley, Burbage, Broughton Astley, Market Bosworth, Bagworth, & Ibstock.

Using a mobile scaffolding tower to reach roofs, the team will remove moss and algae with wire brushes and blades before applying biocide using a water-fed pole. This solution destroys fungi, pests, and pathogens and will also work to deter moss and bacteria from regrowing.

Once the roof has been cleared and treated, the cleaning team will clear away dirt and debris that has fallen into the gutters, soffits, and fascias or to the ground. Capturing the before and after of the work, the company can showcase the thoroughness and efficacy of the service.

In addition to clearing dirt from roofs, gutters, windows, and conservatories, Mac’s Cleaning Services also works on solar panels. The company estimates that having panels professionally washed once a year can increase efficiency by 25%. The specialist cleaning team also points out that insufficient or inappropriate care can void the warranty of the panels.

Moreover, birds and other pests can cause costly damage to solar energy systems when they nest beneath them. To remedy this, the trained staff can instal mesh guards that prevent animals from scratching and chewing the panels.

The cleaning company offers clients an estimate of how long the roof or solar panels will take to clean, depending on the size and the extent of the debris.

Mac’s cleaning services has recently published a blog covering the benefits of roof and gutter cleaning which can be read here:

About Mac’s Cleaning Services

The family-run business is based locally in Hinckley and carries full public liability and employee liability insurance policies. In order to minimize its environmental impact, the service provider transports staff and equipment in fuel-efficient vehicles and exclusively uses eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for use around children and animals.

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