Lumenate Shares The Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Winter

Nashville, TN – Winter has made its way into Tennessee, and many people are spending less and less time outdoors. However, according to local landscape lighting company Lumenate, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy beautiful outdoor areas, and it starts with lighting.

Lumenate has been serving the outdoor and event lighting needs of Nashville for years. And although many people associate exterior lighting with summertime, the darker days of winter are the perfect time for homeowners to shed more light on the beautiful features of their exterior.

Lumenate says a few of the best landscape lighting ideas for when night starts before dinnertime include:

  • Fire pit lighting. Fire pits are an excellent way to keep warm outside during the winter, but they also serve as a beautiful focal point of a backyard landscape. And because fire pits can be dangerous, safety is paramount. Outdoor lighting here should include underlighting, which is positioned around the rim of the fire pit. This adds an attractive amount of depth while allowing people to see how close they are to the rind of fire.
  • Pergola lighting. Homeowners who are lucky enough to have a pergola on their property probably want to use it day and night. The best way to light these areas is to add a light inside and also pathway lighting to ensure guests can find their way to this covered gathering space. Lighting creates a cozy and comfy atmosphere that ensures this expensive landscaping investment doesn’t go unused.
  • Outdoor kitchen lighting. Outdoor kitchens don’t have to be reserved just for summer barbecues. Many people choose to use their exterior dining spaces all year. For those who wish to cook dinner, smoke meats, or even create a flapjack and bacon breakfast-for-dinner, proper outdoor lighting is a great way to keep the kitchen safe. To compensate for the lack of sunshine, use under-counter lighting as well as overhead lighting.
  • Architectural lighting. Architectural lighting is meant to highlight features of a person’s home, such as windows and walkways. Having a comprehensive landscape lighting plan means that homeowners don’t have to enter in the dark. It’s highly satisfying to pull up to a well-lit landscape; lighting also serves to highlight the accents of a home. The best part about architectural lighting is that it can be set on a timer, so homeowners don’t have to try and remember to turn their lights on after a long day.
  • Event lighting. Those wishing for a winter wedding may want to consider event lighting. This might include twinkling string lights or spotlights to illuminate a dance floor. Lumenate offers professional event lighting services that include on-site maintenance during an event.

The lighting experts at Lumenate insist that people don’t have to go outdoors in the dark, even when the sun sets so early. There are many different ways to light up an exterior, and the above are just a few that make sense.

About Lumenate

Lumenate is a Franklin, TN-based architectural, landscape, and holiday lighting company that takes pride in ensuring its customers have a beautiful landscape lighting plan throughout the year. The company only uses fixtures manufactured in the US and offers LED lights, which are the best in the business. Lumenate offers free design consultation and will walk each homeowner/business owner through the proposal process. The company has made a name for itself by going above and beyond for each customer. Lumenate services homes and businesses throughout the greater Nashville area and may be reached online on their website.

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