Luke Cervino’s Ability To Market Brands And Athletes Is Undeniable

For earlier generations when the world wasn’t yet so globalized, the sports industry too wasn’t so interested in advertising itself. However, some of us may not realize it but the world revolves around marketing. If one can properly market themselves or the work they do, the biggest step to success has already been made. This is why, everything under the sun, which is not already a necessity, needs to be marketed. Obviously, this principle also extends to the world of athletes.

Here is where Luke Cervino comes in. He is the founder of A1A Media, a sports marketing agency. Who represents world class athletes. Services include brand and athlete partnerships, athlete representation, digital marketing, social media growth. A1A Media has taken athlete-centric marketing to the next level.

Like many Americans, Luke grew up playing sports. He comes from an athletic family, with both him and his brother being both basketball and football stand outs. Luke kept up this part of his life even during college and a huge portion of his day would be spent sweating it out on the court. But every college student is worried about his future and so was the case for Luke as well. After a lot of pondering, he decided to keep working in a line related to his passion, that is sports. This is because not only was he himself an athlete and understood the sports world inside out but also because he had his entire family’s support since they too had always been a part of the sports industry.
Few years after graduating college he founded his agency called A1A Media. Although he just started, Luke used his all connections he had made during his entire athletic career to propel his business in the professional sports world. His first few clients were mostly friends of friends and some entry-level athletes who were just beginning their career. But over time, he started getting more and more popular to the point where Luke Cervino and A1A Media is a staple in the sports marketing industry. Luke even started working with big-time A-list athletes which was definitely a dream come true for him. Such as NBA Champion with the 2008 Boston Celtics and now ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins. Not only was Luke’s business finally taking off, but he was building relationships with and working the very same stars that he had grown up idolizing.

So, what is the secret behind amazing results in such a relatively short period of time? Well, the answer definitely has to be in the amount of hard work and time Luke has put into it. A1A Media is an agency which delivers the best results for their clients. This continual dedication has brought A1A Media to heights many agencies can never even imagine. When you offer excellent services, word of mouth is all the advertising you need in a very trustworthy business. And word of mouth is exactly what landed Luke to manage and market, professional basketball player Kendrick Perkins. Perkins is a 14 year NBA veteran, NBA Champion and now ESPN NBA analyst and having him on board opens up so many more doors, for A1A Media.

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