Lubbock Pipeline Accidents: Workers Injury Compensation Attorney Service Update

Following the announcement, Reyna Law Firm now looks to provide Lubbock-area clients with personal injury law advice conducive to successful compensation claims. Its experienced team of attorneys is trained to handle the legal ramifications of workplace accidents, with its local office offering counsel and representation to victims and their families.

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As such, its expanded services are brought forward to equip those hurt in the course of pipeline work with a range of legal options. Depending on the specifics of their case, Reyna Law Firm advises that its lawyers can help clients navigate negotiations with company insurers or pursue litigation action in sight of a fair compensatory sum.

Those involved in oil or gas industry employment face frequent on-the-job dangers, with the hazards of pipeline construction and maintenance well-known. This is why companies and contractors need to prioritize safer work conditions – yet, as Reyna Law Firm points out, adequate safety precautions are not always established.

On the subject, a firm representative explained: “While some oilfield accidents are unfortunately uncontrollable, many accidents occur when another party neglects to adequately provide its workers with as safe of an environment as possible. Too often, a liable party does not consider the safety of their workers as a top priority.”

From negligence in the manufacture and distribution of pipelaying equipment to fires and explosions resulting from ignitable on-site fumes, Reyna Law Firm has encountered a range of hazards leading to catastrophic injuries. In direct response, the Texas firm offers prompt and diligent casework to help clients tackle both immediate and long-term concerns.

By this, the firm refers to its ability to bring injured parties to the attention of local medical care providers suited to take charge of their treatment and recovery. Its attorneys also work to hold liable employers or third parties accountable for their role in causing severe harm, seeking equitable compensation accordingly.

Recently recognized as an American Academy of Attorneys 500 Million Dollar Club member, Reyna Law Firm also operates throughout Texas in support of statewide accident victims. More information can be found at

“One of the best injury firms you can find,” said one prior client. “They get right to work on your case from the second you speak with them. The lead attorney and his staff are extremely professional.”

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