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Loving Essential Oils Publishes Kid Friendly Essential Oil List Printable Guide

This most recent how-to guide from Loving Essential Oils contains detailed tips and instructions, designed to be used by people who are looking for natural remedies in the form of essential oils for children and others who need it. The guide will help those that are interested learn how to safely use essential oils around children, as quickly, easily and with as little stress as possible.

Interested parties can view the how-to guide from the website:

Essential oil website and aromatherapy blog Loving Essential Oils, has published this new how-to guide dedicated to helping essential oil enthusiasts learn how to safely use essential oils around children. The inspiration for creating this guide came from a desire to provide useful, actionable information to anybody unfamiliar with what essential oils are kid-friendly.

The Full How-To Guide Goes Over The Following Points:

Essential Oil Safety Tips – Children are smaller and more at risk of toxicity, safety precautions must be taken.

Essential Oils Children Can Use Safely – Some essential oils are too strong to be used by children, there are many kid-friendly essential oils that you can use safely and effectively. Lavender essential oil is one of those oils.

Using Essential Oils on Children – Essential oils are very concentrated and potent, it is important to practice safe use of essential oils when using them around children. The oils can be used aromatically or topically.

Jennifer Lane, Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Loving Essential Oils spoke at length about the guide, excited to share the details, the reasons behind creating a guide on using essential oils for kids: “There are many benefits to adding essential oils into your family’s lives. With all the information out there on essential oils, it can be difficult to know what is safe for kids. With these tips, you’ll feel confident in your decision of which oils are right for your family. “

Essential oil enthusiasts and anybody interested in using essential oils for kids or facing the challenge of not knowing what essential oils can be used on children are invited to review the how-to guide online directly:

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