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Lost-And-Found QR Recovery Sticker Tag For Kids’ & Travel Belongings Launched

Shipping worldwide, the product was created with the simple mission of allowing people to tag their personal belongings with a QR code to securely establish their ownership. The unique recovery Tag also helps others return any lost item back to its owner without the latter having to reveal their identity or contact information to anyone.

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Trashless explains that its new Tag opens a unique webpage where people can chat privately and anonymously. This adds an extra safety measure for owners who do not want to reveal their names or addresses to strangers.

Every Trashless Tag is a circular vinyl sticker that is both dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. Each Tag is modified through the company’s app and can include information such as a photo, cash reward, finder message, and other pertinent details. Owners can also use the app to mark an item as “lost”, which instantly adds a red banner to the page that finders see when they scan an item’s Tag.

The Tag-specific webpage allows the finder to send the owner a message via the Trashless text messaging relay. Neither person’s contact information is revealed, and both parties are encouraged to schedule a face-to-face meeting in a public place for their safety. Owners may also ask the finder to just drop off the item in a safe place.

Trashless Tags cannot be used to track someone’s location. If the finder sends their location or message to the owner, the owner’s contact information is never revealed.

Trashless Tags can be used for kids’ items, electronics, containers, bags, keys, credit cards, IDs, tools, printed materials, bikes and accessories, vehicles, wallets, toys, and appliances. The team is currently working on creating Tags for clothing.

Trashless aims to reduce waste with its lost-and-found Tags, zero-waste grocery delivery, and swappable to-go beverage cups and food containers.

The app can be downloaded and used at no cost.

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