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Los Angeles College EFC Planning For Athletes Under 100k Household Income Launch

College Planning Experts has expanded its services anew in an effort to provide expert consulting to students seeking athletic scholarships in Los Angeles. In particular, the move is expected to benefit middle-income households who make under $100,000 annually.

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While the common goal of student athletes is to get a full athletic scholarship, this is not always possible. The National Collegiate Athletic Association had stated that only 2% of high-school athletes are awarded scholarships, and many of these scholarships only cover a portion of college costs.

“This means that the student must look for other funding sources, such as federal aid, to get the total amount needed to finish his or her studies,” a College Planning Experts spokesperson said.

The company can advise students and families in the various stages of applying for financial aid. For one, it can help applicants ensure that their Expected Family Contribution–a key figure used to determine how much federal aid a student is eligible for–is not overestimated. This is achieved by identifying non-reportable assets in addition to other reporting strategies.

In addition to federal aid, College Planning Experts can also identify grants and scholarships from lesser-known public and private sources. According to the company, financial aid worth millions of dollars is left unclaimed yearly, which means that there are plenty of funding opportunities available.

College Planning Experts was established by award-winning admissions specialist Brian Safdari. After finishing college with student debt, Mr. Safdari devoted his entire career to the college planning process, helping families obtain financial aid regardless of background or income level.

He and his team of counselors have advised over 25,000 families on how to pay for college without getting into massive debts.

“Brian Safdari with College Planning Experts has been invaluable to our family. He helped us gain the confidence to apply to an out-of-state college and taught us how to get the most ‘free money’ from that college,” one previous client stated.

To learn more, sign up for a free college planning workshop now at

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