Looking for a Healthcare Insurance Broker in Spain

SPAIN – Relocating to a different nation poses a challenge to the expat when it comes to healthcare. With a new system to adjust to, the services may have variations for the fees. A foreign visitor can seek healthcare service in public and private facilities. Have enlightenment on the differences between being a Spanish citizen and not for it.

Background of the Healthcare System in Spain

Foreigners who decide to make Spain the new country of residence have to understandthe healthcare system. It is fortunate to experience the first-rate quality of service here. Everyone has access to universal coverage. Public and private facilities andhospitals exist for convenience. The National Health System is from the government and 90% of the public is under its care.

With gratitude to the Spanish Ministry of Health, they handle the funds and create policies. In the 2018 Euro Consumer Health Index, the country is in 19th place for generating better health conditions.

Being a Patient in a Healthcare Facility

A resident and employee in Spain are entitled to free government healthcare. In instances wherein islands lack it, going to another area is necessary for the service. By nature, the system is decentralized. It is essential to inspect how the conditions are nearest to the workplace or residence for healthcare. Foreigners can also receive free healthcare on the following conditions:

  • Living in Spain as an employee or on self-employment with regular Social Security premiums
  • Residing in the country as separated from the partner who has Social Security
  • Pregnancy with a permanent residence
  • With a state pension
  • Receiving free government benefits
  • Child in a permanent residence
  • A graduate student up to 25 years of age
  • Temporary residence in the country with an EHIC card

Visiting tourists from some countries can avail themselves of free healthcare through bilateral agreements. At a specific duration of stay, a foreigner who comes from a particular nation can have an emergency healthcare service. The Spanish Embassy in the homeland can tell the visiting foreigner of qualification for the purpose. In the absence of government healthcare, it is a choice to go to an insurance broker in Spain.

What to Expect for Healthcare Cost

From the GDP every year of the country, healthcare is at an estimated 9%. It is the 13th nation in Europe with the largest spending for this service. A patient can spend €2,000 or higher to make the condition better. In the past few years, healthcare fees have risen. This causes an influx of private facilities. With regular monthly premiums for the government, fees for prescribed medicines are only part of the cost.

Procedures requiring payment despite being from the government are better with private health insurance coverage. Payments for Social Security cover this type of insurance for employees and their dependents.

Taking care of the body may require going to a physician or hospitalization. The mode of payment can differ for a Spanish resident and foreign visitor. Regardless, trust the first-rate healthcare system.

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