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Before and After Condenser Clean

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Birmingham, Alabama Dec 20, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Should I have my condenser cleaned?

After the hot summer months, your outdoor HVAC condenser coils can become impacted with dirt and debris; this significantly reduces the ability of your outdoor unit to transfer the heat needed to efficiently cool your home. Proper airflow and clean coils are all important to maintain the function of your compressor, a crucial component in the cooling process.

Benefits of Clean Condenser Coils

Clean coils increase your airflow and significantly improve the lifespan of the compressor, helping mitigate costly repairs. American Standard (Trane Technologies) recommends that, along with regular maintenance, you should clean your outdoor condenser coils at least once a year. This can help your AC run cooler and longer, all while using less energy. All of this means savings on your monthly energy bill.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Longer lifespan
  • Helps mitigate costly repairs

Give your Condenser SPACE

Sometimes, even with yearly cleaning and maintenance, air flow in your outdoor unit can still be a problem.

We recently went to a home where the HVAC unit struggled to maintain cool air during the warmer days of the summer. Initially, we noticed that the fan was struggling to pull air across the unit. Upon closer inspection, we saw that the outdoor unit was completely impacted by dirt and debris. It was also in a corner close to the wall, covered under a carport and surrounded by a fence. This significantly reduced the airflow and allowed debris to easily accumulate. This means that our client was at serious risk of critical failures with their outdoor unit.

A study from Trane Technologies showed that a condenser exposed to a dirty environment and lacking air flow for 18 months was equivalent to roughly 4-8 years of standard operating hours [1].

[1] Robert Mowris, P. E., Jones, E., & Jones, A. Strategies for Improving HVAC Efficiency with Quality Installation and Service


Reduced Airflow => Bi-Annual Clean

Normal Airflow => Annual Clean

For units with reduced airflow like our client, we recommend bi-yearly cleaning in the spring and fall. Also, if possible, move objects away from the condenser and maximize open space. During a new install or HVAC replacement, make sure that the condenser is at least 18 inches from any wall or objects. This, along with condenser coil cleanings, might prevent airflow from being a problem in the future.

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Condenser with Restricted Airflow

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