Long Distance Medical Transportation Service Provider, ACC Medlink, Announces Eco-Friendly Fleet Expansion

Punta Gorda, FL – Trusted and leading long-distance medical transportation service provider, ACC Medlink, has announced its fleet expansion by 25%. The company announced this as part of its goal to better serve customers while contributing positively towards reducing its carbon footprint.

Announcing the fleet expansion, the company noted that its state-to-state medical transport fleet has acquired an additional 25% of vehicles to improve its services. Its spokesperson noted that they have invested significantly into the fleet with the aim of reducing carbon footprint and environmental pollution, improving service delivery, and keeping clients happy. The newly added vehicles have been selected for their eco-friendliness, allowing them to leave a lesser carbon footprint, thus contributing less to environmental pollution from vehicular use.

Speaking of the new vehicles in its fleet, the company noted that they come with an Eco Mode and use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), making them more environmentally friendly. The new vehicles provide a greater level of comfort and luxury to clients while also delivering less harmful chemicals to the environment. Clients can rest assured that the long distance medical transportation company and its team are positively aligned toward a fully electric future for their fleets.

Reaffirming commitment to an electric future for its fleet, the company’s spokesperson, Charles Peat, noted that the latest acquisition may well be the last fuel-powered vehicles the company purchases. The company added that they are making the right shift towards efficiency, performance, environmental friendliness, as well as quality service delivery. The newly expanded fleet will also make the company’s Non Emergency Medical Transportation services easier to access by a wider audience.

“Our medical transportation fleet is second to none. We operate state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz Sprinter transporters. These vehicles have been specially configured to function as hospital rooms on wheels. Our large, nationwide fleet is expertly maintained to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort,” the company added.

The company trusts in its equipment and staff and is specifically happy with the latest acquisitions. The carefully selected additions promise speed and power, and are powered by the Mercedes Benz BlueTEC engines, which are famed for their excellence in all areas. The new models added to the fleet are fitted with advanced BlueTEC diesel and turbo diesel engines that deliver elite fuel use efficiency rivaled by no other vehicle of its type. The engines also deliver low noise and low emissions, making them one of the best eco-friendly options that deliver a luxury experience on the road. Rated the world’s cleanest diesel vehicle, ACC Medlink is particularly excited with the latest expansion and what the future holds in terms of technology and service delivery.

ACC Medlink remains committed to delivering the very best experience to its clients. Its services remain top-tier, offering clients the chance to access a range of medical transportation solutions suited to their needs. Some of their medical transportation solutions include non-emergency medical transport manned by an excellent team of drivers, medical staff, and transportation specialists. Clients can expect to enjoy the highest level of care during the cost-effective, bedside-to-bedside transportation service.

ACC Medlink also provides ground transport and air ambulance solutions as well as state to state medical transport which leverages DOT-approved vehicles. All DOT-approved vehicles in the company’s fleet are rated the best and largest in the industry and are equipped with three beds to accommodate families when loved ones are traveling together.

Clients and their families can also leverage the company’s additional services, including international stretcher service, bariatric transport services, commercial medical escort services, and air medical transport service. ACC Medlink is located at 25591 Technology Blvd, Punta Gorda, Florida 33950 US but provides nationwide service. The company can be reached via phone at 800-550-1025 or visit their website for more information.

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