Long-Bias Trading Strategy Chatroom With Mentorship For All Skill Levels Updated

The latest launch from ‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) provides its growing membership with access to a panel of seasoned and successful traders. Subscribers can avail themselves of a large database of training resources, from weekly webinars to one-to-one sessions with dedicated mentors.

More details can be found at https://myinvestingclub.com/chatroom

The announcement details the chatroom’s growing popularity as an industry-leading forum for skill sharing and expert day trading coaching. All tutorials are recorded and stored in MIC’s large video encyclopedia – a state-of-the-art learning management system that allows members to access information about all manner of trading practices on demand, from anywhere in the world.

The addition of long-bias trading techniques helps beginners and more experienced traders alike apply new methods to their stock market practice. According to Investopedia, long-short equity exploits profit opportunities in both upward and downward price movements. This equates to taking long positions on stocks which are underpriced and taking short positions on those which are deemed to be overpriced.

Because day trading methodology centers on buying and selling securities within the same trading day, both technical and fundamental analysis skills are essential to help identify tradable candidates. MIC helps fledgling traders spot patterns and identify smarter trades, applying some of the principles behind long-bias and hedge fund strategies to intraday activity.

Chatroom members can sign up for the MIC Accelerator course – a comprehensive education package that covers all aspects of rapid position trading and more besides. Topics include stock splits, sector hype and craze, broker regulations, short selling, risk management, live market analysis, stock scanning, and learning to read filings for more effective due diligence.

The platform offers members the opportunity to join a global community of like-minded individuals and receive dedicated support from elite-level traders. The level of access and fast response from the mentoring panel sets MIC apart from other programs on the web.

“My Investing Club can help you expedite your journey toward self-sufficiency and financial independence,” a spokesperson said. “With our daily trading blueprint, you’ll know pre-planned price levels, entries, exits, stops, and where the pros will take their traders before the market even opens.”

For more information, go to https://myinvestingclub.com/chatroom

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