London Holistic Naturopathy: Nutrition & Herbal Detox Appointments Launched

In addition to their in-office consultations, the collective of passionate and experienced naturopaths, doctors and nutritionists are now able to offer home visits, especially for those patients who are suffering from a chronic condition. As with all of their appointments, with a home visit from The Corpus Naturalis Clinic, patients can expect to receive compassionate and holistic care that seeks to restore health and vitality.

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The update to their appointment options coincides with the growing popularity of naturopathy in the United Kingdom, and its growing acclaim amongst more established Western medicine institutes. As a recent article published by Community Care Chemist, an alliance of several local pharmacies, explained, naturopathy works in harmony with Western medicine and offers most patients benefits because it is focused on disease prevention and uses non-invasive and natural treatments.

It has also been proven to assist with the most prevalent lifestyle conditions in the world today. This includes cardiovascular, digestion, immune system and skin issues, as well as stress and sleep disorders, allergies, migraines, and degenerative illnesses like arthritis. As Community Care Chemist stated, naturopathy can also be used for hormonal imbalance issues, including fertility concerns and menopause.

The Corpus Naturalis Clinic agrees, and their expert practitioners have spent their professional lives in the pursuit of these goals. In their sessions, they offer patients holistic and bioenergetic consultations that will focus on detoxification and restoring the body’s balance.

Through a combined nutrition plan and herbal and biofeedback frequency treatments, the team at the clinic–whether in the office or during a home visit–will work to reduce inflammation in the body, improve circulation, balance hormones and a patient’s diet, and encourage better sleep and pain relief.

The Corpus Naturalis Clinic was founded by naturopaths Noel Nile and Kat Birrell. Noel Nile is an esteemed and internationally recognised practitioner who worked with the late great Dr Hesham El Essawy, the man who pioneered the use of Rife therapy in holistic health treatments. Today the clinic is staffed by three naturopaths, two consulting doctors and two nurses.

A spokesperson for the naturopaths said, “We are a complementary medicine centre offering a holistic approach to screening, testing and diagnostics. This is complemented by the latest in bio-medical treatment devices, and we have a full range of herbal, nutritional, homeopathic and specialist remedies also available.”

More information on their treatment plans and options can be accessed at

The Corpus Naturalis Clinic
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