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London Gates Broker Tells About The Stocks That Investors Should Be Looking At To Buy And Trade This Month-June Or The Next

London, England, 4 July 2021, ZEX PR – The broker Ross Collins from London Gates will be talking about the stocks that investors should be looking at to buy and trade this month or the next. In this article the broker talks about a couple different stocks that analysts give their price target, their stop loss on and the thesis behind it why they are getting a trade, what they think will happen or just what they think will happen with the stock price so, of course not a financial advisor that’s just what the broker is doing, sharing what they are doing. The broker is not telling you to buy or sell anything instead just sharing their ideas.

Alright so, without further delays go heading into few of the investors picks so, first up is:


ENG, global ticker symbol: E&G, there is a bunch of catalysts behind this stock such as the infrastructure bill being passed and also the Texas heat wave. This week the stock actually broke out over that 3.2 level like we’re talking about up 30% in the past week. This has been a big winner so far, traders have taken profits on about ½ of their position, still riding the rest out. Analysts do think this stock does have some more upside but definitely don’t forget to take profits. This stock has run a lot and there’s no guarantee it does go higher after the big move.


Analysts think we’re going to see a balance in the Dow Jones industrial and all those oversold stocks along with it. Analysts thought there was a big over reaction, they thought we would see capitulation in the premarket on Monday which is close to what happened these stocks did start bouncing back the premarket and concluded that balance throughout the whole week almost was getting back the previous highest so, talk about the Dow Jones and then analysts also talked about some of these oversold banking stocks such as, Bank of America and Citigroup and all these other oversold plays such as MetLife Caterpillar and more and those stocks all did bounce back this past week.

Pubmatic (PUBM):

Next is Pubmatic ticker symbol PUBM, this one is taking off this past week. It does look like a lot of shorts are covering and as the stock does go up it’s getting close to that $45 initial target that a lot of trader set after calling this one out in the low 30s. Analysts think this stock definitely could have some more upside but it’s always smart to take profits on the way up. You can always add back your shares on a pullback but yeah this trade is going very well so far and a big winner for traders who invested in.

Celsius (CELH):

Celsius, ticker symbol CELH. After that over reaction sell-off to the offering and the future gap fill, we finally got that gap filled this past week. Traders took a full profits once we filled that gap back to $70 for a 10% profit or so. So, yes! This is also a great stock to look forward to in the next month of July.

SoFi Technologies (SOFI):

This is a $15 billion company in the mobile banking space. They have a bunch of personal finance features, most of you guys know what they do as a company but the big play on this is an overreaction sell off. Analysts think that we get a big bounce back in this coming week. So, the reason that this stock sold off so heavy on Friday is because that morning there is an SEC filing that came out that stated that the insider lock up for the shares is going to expire this coming Monday on June 28th. So, what does this mean? This means that the insiders for the company of people that have a lot of shares in this company who were in before it went public, they are now allowed to start selling their shares on Monday and this always breaks a lot of people out whatever somebody has a bunch of shares that they are now able to sell maybe they are up close to 100% on their position, maybe they sell and that drive is stocked down.

So, for that reason there’s a lot of people panic once info like this comes out because they always think it’s going to go lower on Monday and this lockup also does not apply to the pipe investors which is a positive thing for the stock price. There is not going to be too much selling pressure. They say to this article that it’s five plus percent of the shareholders so, that we don’t know the exact amount but it’s not be anything crazy because the pipe lock up is not happening.

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