Today, natives and tourists alike have all borne witness to NYC’s Lower East Side having undergone a bit of revitalization to its environs, yet no way no how, can one take the area’s beginnings out of the girl.

Even before talk of such revitalization took place among the retail establishment, Randy Settenbrino, developer/proprietor of The Historic Blue Moon Hotel, was confident any revitalization efforts would/could only go so far lest the authenticity and spirit of the beloved neighborhood would not be forsaken.

Fortunately for all concerned and all who appreciate the history of the Lower East Side-the mix of lore and reality have been retained. In the case of the Historic Blue Moon Hotel, a sincerity of willful preservation of a turn of the century tenement by Settenbrino, certainly can be appreciated, whether by the hotel’s neighbor The Tenement Museum, A Local Shopkeeper, A Thoughtful And Aesthetically Inclined Guest. If there’s one thing to be agreed upon, it’s that Settenbrino’s awe for this particular history, and eye for detail, would not be put asunder by those who pray for such projects to derail.

So how does a devotee of area history, and at the same time, a proprietor of a historic hotel, generate business? When the passion undertaken to conceive a project as a labor of love is exuded, bringing it full circle as a compliment to the neighborhood, the vibe as welcome mat transcends outward.

What would a historic neighborhood anywhere be if no one took an interest, if not patience and fortitude, to retain a noble idea to preserve the past in whatever way shape or form is offered? While not everyone has the luxury of residing in a historic district, fortunately there are those whom, perhaps via divine providence, were tapped to bring such luxury as history to life. Certainly, The Historic Blue Moon Hotel never forgets where it came from, offering its guests a timeless stay, their fond memories will beckon their return one day.

By L Charm Tennenbaum

Those interested in learning more about the Blue Moon Hotel, or interested in booking a room, can do so on the business website at http://www.bluemoon-nyc.com/

Blue Moon Hotel Ltd
Blue Moon Hotel Ltd
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