LinkedIn Automation Tool For B2B Sales Teams With CRM Integration, Update

Given the role LinkedIn plays in overall B2B marketing and communications plans, Salesflow now blends CRM integration with automated qualified customer prospecting, personalized messaging and follow-up messaging, and analytics monitoring to deliver a more cost-effective conversion rate than traditional advertising and cold-calling activities.

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In today’s volatile economy, supply-side inflation and geopolitical strife continue to negatively impact the B2B sector. Efficiencies in all areas of business – most especially client acquisition – are paramount. To meet demand for improved connection, relationship building, market development, and client acquisition protocols, Salesflow has updated its automated solution that turns a company’s presence on LinkedIn into a reliable prospecting and lead conversion strategy.

Unlike cold email and cold calling tactics where there is no presence for the prospect to know, like and trust the source. LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform that builds credibility, connects companies with customers, and works in tandem with company websites to engage, educate, and convert high-value prospects.

Salesflow is a partnering service-driven platform that leverages the opportunities LinkedIn presents to those in the B2B sector – including agencies, sales teams, and startups – with targeted, automated connection campaigns, hyper-personalized campaign messaging, automated follow-up messaging, and customizable inbox and smart chat functionality.

As a leader in outbound, awareness-building, and lead-generation strategies, the company offers a tool with an easy-to-use interface that facilitates navigation, campaign building and deployment, and important KPI monitoring so that campaigns can be reviewed and recalibrated as required.

The tool also comes with advanced communication functionality rooted in select keywords and targeted messaging, delivering a valuable human touch that clients report has tripled their conversion rates. Salesflow also helps build brand awareness with website and service links that drive traffic to the client’s desired landing pages.

Simon Kinneen, a Sales Manager at HubSpot and a Salesflow client says, “My sales team has seen a large uplift in connections, messages replied to and meetings booked. So far our team has closed 2 deals using Salesflow, my reps are able to automate some of their top of the funnel sales process and expand their sales network within their territories in the UK Region. So far, I would be happy to recommend any sales leader to take a strong look at adopting this as part of their sales process.”

With automated qualified lead-generating software paired with CRM integration and personalized messaging, Salesflow transforms LinkedIn from a connections platform to a cost-effective, time-saving prospecting and conversion tool that gives B2B businesses the competitive edge they need.

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