LinkedIn Automation Tool: Analytics Dashboard And Zapier Integration Announced

The newly announced innovation introduces B2B sales teams to a centralized, easy-access analytics dashboard that provides greater insight into their LinkedIn performances. With increased metric versatility and simultaneous KPI monitoring, sales teams can easily track, measure, and compare a range of data points and actively fine-tune lead generation efforts as needed. Two-way Zapier/Salesflow integration allows sales teams to maintain an updated, well-managed sales pipeline and automatically send connection requests imported from CRM profiles to leverage warm leads.

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High-quality analytics are fundamental to cost-effective decision-making. For sales teams in the B2B sector, reliable data improves prospecting efficiencies, prevents wasted resource expenditures on cold calls and low-return advertising activities, and allows sales reps to maximize time devoted to promising accounts. With newly announced dashboard-driven analytics and two-way Zapier integration, Salesflow gives sales teams in any B2B organization the opportunity to increase engagement rates among qualified, high-value LinkedIn prospects to help meet or exceed their customer acquisition goals.

In today’s competitive and complex B2B arena, companies that continue to rely on manual LinkedIn prospecting activities risk negatively impacting their overall performances, explains Salesflow.

The company provides their partners with an affordable way to scale revenues. Described as a “lead converting machine,” the platform automatically deploys 400 personalized LinkedIn invites per month accompanied by unlimited custom follow-up sequences embedded with reply detection technology to facilitate appropriate next steps.

An intuitive Salesflow interface allows clients to build effective, hyper-personalized engagement campaigns while advanced analytics functionality delivers daily statistics covering total messages sent, total replies, tags, campaign connections, responses, response percentage rates, and more.

A dedicated international support team with expertise in LinkedIn and cloud-based automation guides and onboards clients to ensure their success, positioning Salesflow as more than just a SaaS – but also a global service provider. To date, the platform has generated over 500,000 leads in over 120 countries.

As LinkedIn remains the B2B social media platform of choice, Salesflow continues to expand its range of features to meet the needs of sales teams looking to increase sales efficiencies.

The director of business development for a global B2B company says, “Salesflow is one of the top tools in the stack for us. We used LinkedIn as an engagement channel before Salesflow, but it involved a high degree of manual effort. Salesflow has allowed us to ramp up our volume and scale significantly on LinkedIn.”

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