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The SPAIRE hip replacement program recently updated by MSK Doctors uses a new surgical technique that significantly reduces trauma during the operation, leading to faster recovery times, and increased mobility immediately after the procedure.

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In a traditional hip replacement operation, surgeons are required to cut several important muscles and tendons, which can lead to long recovery times, and limited mobility during the healing process. Using the SPAIRE technique, Prof. Paul Lee of MSK Doctors can now complete a full hip replacement, without damaging the abductor muscles or the quadriceps coxae.

Though studies comparing the two hip replacement techniques have been small so far, the results suggest that the SPAIRE technique can offer several immediate benefits, with no obvious negative effects. The most significant benefit for patients is in the few weeks following the operation, when considering the mobility limitations during recovery.

After a standard hip replacement, clients are given a list of activities to avoid. This can include leaning forward while sitting or standing, lifting their knees higher than their hips, and sitting on low surfaces. With the SPAIRE technique, clients have no restrictions on their mobility, and a reduced risk of dislocation, due to the reduced surgical trauma.

The private clinic also offers a self-referral program that allows patients to book an appointment online without a GP referral. By partnering with several local clinics, MSK Doctors can provide fast access to a range of specialists, advanced diagnostic equipment, and enhanced surgical techniques, from some of the UK’s top experts.

Patients can use the self-referral program to schedule their own diagnostic scans using the only Open MRI device in the county or to set up an appointment with a musculoskeletal specialist. Self-referrals are available online through the clinic’s website or over the phone, and most appointments can be scheduled within a few days because of the clinic’s “no waitlist” policy.

A satisfied patient said, “The operation was flawless, exactly as described, and Professor Lee was there both after the procedure and for the follow-up to check everything was going well. I would be glad to recommend Professor Lee to anyone looking for an orthopaedic surgeon and would for sure look to him first should I ever need it again in the future.”

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