Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Attorney Elaborates On Alex Jones Bankruptcy

Amy Wilburn, a skilled bankruptcy attorney of award-winning bankruptcy and immigration firm Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, answers questions about the Alex Jones bankruptcy in an interview with KOGO radio. Amy discusses Jones request to keep his $1.3 million annual salary from the parent company of his InfoWars website in the San Diego radio interview on December 26, 2022.

Alex Jones, a radio show host and conspiracy theorist, filed for bankruptcy after receiving an order from a Connecticut judge to pay $1.5 billion to the relatives of the Sandy Hook mass shooting who filed cases against him for spreading misinformation and lies about the incident.

The host and conspiracy theorist claimed that the mass shooting was a hoax and that it was an incident staged by the government. Jones said that the people involved are only actors and no one actually died in the killing that occurred in Newton, Connecticut back in 2012.

Alex Jones lost the case and was found liable by default. He was ordered to pay billions as damages to the families of the victims.

KOGO radio host LaDona Harvey discussed with Amy different aspects of the case including Alex Jones’s request to keep his salary from Free Speech Systems LLC, the parent company of his InfoWars website. The company, founded by Alex Jones, also filed for bankruptcy in July 2022.

Amy admitted that she would be surprised if the judge allows Jones to keep the $1.3 million salary. It is based on a new contract that was signed only a few months before the company filed for bankruptcy.

Harvey also asked Amy if judgment debtors can avoid paying damages by filing for bankruptcy. The San Diego radio host made the observation in relation to Alex Jones filing for bankruptcy after losing his case and being asked to pay billions for damages.

The seasoned bankruptcy attorney remarked that Jones can’t circumvent payment of damages by filing for bankruptcy. The court will only direct him to submit a repayment plan that his creditors must agree with.

Amy Wilburn is an experienced bankruptcy attorney from top-ranked Texas immigration and bankruptcy firm, Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. She had worked as a bankruptcy paralegal before she graduated from Seattle University School of Law in 2014.

Since then, Amy has been guiding clients through the complex process of bankruptcy with empathy and professionalism. She enjoys helping people recover from their overwhelming debt and eventually have a fresh financial start.

As a bankruptcy attorney at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, Wilburn has faced various cases and has worked with different people. She understands that facing bankruptcy is not easy. Despite this, it gives her joy to work hard and bring her clients the second chance they deserve.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is a top-notch immigration and bankruptcy firm in Texas. The firm provides legal representation in immigration issues as well as Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy matters.

The firm believes that every individual deserves a second chance. Thus, Lincoln-Goldfinch Law with its team of experienced bankruptcy lawyers provides progressive and empathetic solutions to get people out of their difficult financial situations.

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