Lightweight Biometric Hardware Wallet With Fingerprint Authentication Announced

With the announcement, The Crypto Merchant is providing crypto traders with access to the world’s first hardware wallet to use biometric authentication. The D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet utilizes a built-in fingerprint scanner to recognize users.

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“Cryptocurrency trading is generally a safe and secure venture, but like most things, it’s still susceptible to breaches,” a spokesperson said, citing a report from Forbes, which said that 2022 was a record year for crypto hacks, with digital assets worth more $3.8 billion stolen in the United States alone.

The D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet offers an enhanced level of security yet to be seen in the hardware wallet market. The device’s main security feature is an integrated fingerprint scanner, which is programmed to allow access only to authorized users. As backup measures, the device also uses PIN authentication and comes with a seed phrase recovery plate for private key engraving.

The D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet features a clean interface designed for ease of use. Its 1.1-inch OLED screen has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels and is navigated using directional buttons. Both the screen and buttons are set into a lightweight and ergonomic molded plastic casing, designed to make handling of the device easy.

The D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet supports a variety of coins and tokens, with more currencies frequently being added. The current list of compatible coins and tokens includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, SRP, RSK Smart Bitcoin, and ERC-20 tokens. NFTs can also be stored and managed through the wallet’s browser.

To manage funds, users can download the D’Cent app to their tablet or smartphone, and pair it with their D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet using the integrated Bluetooth connectivity. No currency can be sent without the app being connected.

About The Crypto Merchant

Based out of New York City, The Crypto Merchant has been providing traders with crypto asset securities since 2017. In addition to hardware wallets, they also sell seed phrase recovery backup tools, accessories, apparel, and other crypto merchandise.

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