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Lifecare Nutritions Rises As a Leading Pharmaceutical Exporter With a Vast 200+ Range

Baddi, Himachal Pradesh Oct 22, 2022 ( – Global demand for pharmaceutical products is increasing rapidly, luring many pharmaceutical companies to increase their investments in this sector to meet the needs for pharma medicines. The pharmaceutical industry today, has a global market value of USD 1.42 trillion, up from USD 390.2 billion twenty years ago.

India ranks third in the production and export volume of pharmaceuticals and fourteenth globally in terms of value. India’s annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the 2019-2020 fiscal year was Rs. 2,89,998 crore, with export revenue expanding at a rate of 9.4% from the previous year. By 2030, the Indian pharmaceutical market is expected to be worth USD 1-1.3 trillion.

India is referred to as “The Pharmacy of the World” as it plays a pivotal role in manufacturing generic medications and vaccines. Pharmaceutical products from some of India’s top pharmaceutical exporters are used in many other countries in North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, LAC, and many others. Such prospects encourage many Indian pharmaceutical businesses to invest more in this sector and export their medications. As a result, Lifecare Nutritions ( Division of Lifecare Neuro) has emerged as the top pharmaceutical exporter in India, providing a wide range of pharmaceutical products to assist people around the world with their medications.

Founded in 1994, Lifecare Nutritions has achieved many milestones, received pharma certifications from organizations like ISO, WHO, HACCP, GLP, GMP, etc., and established a substantial presence as one of the leading Indian pharmaceutical exporters.

The company helps people in more than 20 countries, including Yemen, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Iraq, Ukraine, Nepal, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Oman, Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burkina, UAE, and others, with their highly effective and top-quality medicines at affordable rates.

Why is India becoming the first choice for pharmaceutical medicine manufacturing and import?

India has the second-highest number of plants approved by the US FDA outside of the US. Due to its extensive network of more than 3000 pharmaceutical companies and 10,500 manufacturing facilities, India is the world leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

To enable the production of affordable medications there, the Indian government established excise-free zones for pharmaceuticals in several regions of the nation. Additionally, to guarantee the quality of the medicine, all product ranges are licensed by DCGI & FSSAI and adhere to international quality standards.

Some of the prime factors that have propelled the import of pharmaceuticals from India are mentioned below

Cost Efficiency – India is accountable for producing high-quality drugs, priced nominally because of the low manufacturing costs that pharma manufacturers have to bear.

Increasing Investment – FDI coming into the Indian pharmaceutical industry in the last two decades has made the industry worth US$ 19.41 billion, and the value is expected to grow more.

Policy Support – In June 2021, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman announced an outlay of US$ 26,578.3 million for the pharma industry to provide for the pharmaceutical PLI scheme in 13 prime sectors, like drug intermediaries, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and starting materials.

Low Labour Cost – The manual labour in the Indian pharmaceutical industry is high, increasing the competition and making them available at a low cost. With reduced costs, it gets easier for people to use pharmaceuticals from India.

How are pharmaceutical medicine exporters helping the world through their product ranges?

Founder of Lifecare Neuro, Mr. Yogendra Chopra, says that the company is committed to delivering excellent manufacturing and export services and products to those who need them across the globe through Lifecare Nutritions’ new division for pharma and nutraceutical medicines.

One of the most well-known pharma and nutraceutical exporters, Lifecare Nutritions, provides services to various pharmaceutical companies, from start-ups, small-tier, and mid-tier to large and well-established corporations. The business has production facilities that are GMP and GLP accredited, where highly-skilled pharma specialists work under the quality norms and rules established by the WHO to satisfy global pharmaceutical standards.

The company offers a large variety of products, like Anxiolytics, Antiulcer, Hyperacidity, Cerebral Activators, Antipsychotics, OTC Products, Antiplatelets, Cerebral Activators, Antimigraine, multivitamins, antioxidants, multimineral, sports supplements, etc. The formulations are offered in different forms, like tablets, capsules, suspensions, injectables, soft gel capsules, powder, etc., as per need.

The business is renowned for its client-centered approach to meeting customers’ needs and satisfying their requirements for specific compositions that are seldom readily available in the market. We guarantee that the medical solutions are of the highest quality in terms of safety, efficacy, reliability, and durability. With its range of 200+ products, the company has established itself as the top pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals exporter worldwide.

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