Lifecare Nutrition Announces Exclusive Private Label Manufacturing For Pharmaceutical Products

Baddi, Himachal Pradesh Dec 14, 2022 ( – Lifecare Nutritions is a renowned pharmaceutical firm headquartered in India that is engaged in the production, export, distribution, and supply of a wide range of pharmaceutical products around the globe. Lifecare Nutritions is the sub-division of their parent firm Lifecare Neuro Products Limited, founded in 1994. With more than 27 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Lifecare Nutritions has earned a spot amongst the most reputable Indian pharma manufacturing companies.

They have developed into a significant market supplier for more than 20 different types of pharmaceutical drugs and gained an experience over many years.

The company has recently announced its entry into the pharma industry as a Private Label Pharma Manufacturer to provide all types of pharmaceutical firms, small and large-scale, with its contract and private label pharma manufacturing services for highly effective products.

The company serves 20+ countries with its quality medicines and exporting services, including those in the United States, Africa, Asia, and a few more European nations.

The Nutraceuticals product range offered by Lifecare Nutritions, includes supplements for sports, immunity boosters, weight loss, orthopedic food, pain relievers, pre and probiotics, neuro health support, memory enhancement, blood platelet boosters, lung support, hair, skin, and nail health, powerful antioxidants, ophthalmic health, hepatology, etc.

They have become a global name because of dealing widely in all pharma product ranges and types like tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, injectables, and much more.

Why Do Pharma Professionals Choose Private Label Manufacturing Over Establishing Their Manufacturing Units?

Pharma manufacturing requires immense control, customization, and planning, which is not easy for everyone. Thus, many top pharma companies seek reputed Private Label Manufacturers like Lifecare Nutrition.

The general problems faced by clients while engaging in manufacturing services are reduced substantially in Private Label Manufacturing. Some of the reasons why Private Label Manufacturing has proven better are:

  • Under Private Label Manufacturing, the manufacturing is taken care of by one entity, and marketing by a different entity. The manufacturer has more control over the products’ specifications, quality, etc.
  • The product development cycle under Private Label Manufacturing is short.
  • Taking Private Label Manufacturing Services is a much cheaper solution for those who wish to take manufacturing services from someone.
  • Product shortages are one of the main worries for pharma companies, which is reduced considerably in Private Label Manufacturing.
  • Private Label Manufacturing also ensures that there are negligible delays in product deliveries.

Lifecare Nutritions, a Reputed Pharma Company for Private Label Medicines Manufacturing Services, in India

Lifecare Nutritions is a generic pharmaceuticals manufacturing firm, operational since 1994. It has established a respectable position in India and is a pharmaceutical medicines exporter in more than 20 nations. The company’s competency in the market is evident because of the research and development it has achieved in the pharmaceutical industry. Lifecare Nutritions uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to deliver product orders and service clients worldwide.

Other than nutraceuticals, Lifecare Nutritions deals in almost all segments of pharmaceuticals, like Antipsychotics, Antidepressants, Anticonvulsants, Anxiolytics, Antiemetics, Vertigo, Antiplatelets, Antibiotics, Anti-Alcoholism, Cerebral, Activators, Antidiabetics, Multivitamins, Multi minerals, Antimigraine, Antiparkinsonian, NSAID’s, Antiulcer, Hyperacidity, Dermatological, Anti-Arthritic, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Inflammatory, OTC Products, and other generic products.

Adding to the information about Lifecare Nutritions provided above, here are a few more points about its operations and specializations:

  • The company specializes in offering private-label manufacturing services for nutraceuticals and healthcare supplements.
  • The products offered are checked thoroughly for all defects before their delivery to clients.
  • Providing quality healthcare solutions in all parts of the world is one of their main goals.
  • Rigorous inspection is not only done after production, it is carried out at every stage of production to ensure the highest quality.

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