Life Savers Emergency Room Makes Iron Infusions Available in All Three Houston ER Locations


The Houston-based emergency clinic provides a variety of quality and affordable emergency medical services, and will now offer iron infusions to patients with Iron-deficiency anemia

Life Savers EmergencHouston, Texas Dec 9, 2022 ( – y Room is pleased to announce that residents of Houston with Iron-deficiency anemia no longer have to leave Houston to get an Iron Infusion treatment. In a statement released today, the free-standing emergency room clinic revealed that it had upgraded its services across its 3 freestanding ER locations to provide the best form of care to people suffering from the common blood disorder.

Iron deficiency anemia is a tricky medical condition that affects the delivery of oxygen to red blood cells. The vast majority of people with iron deficiency anemia will present no obvious signs and symptoms of the condition, giving it ample time to slowly overwhelm the body. Feelings of tiredness, extreme fatigue, headaches, dizziness, light-headedness, and even shortness of breath are some of the symptoms that could indicate the presence of the condition.

For patients who can’t take iron by mouth, can’t absorb iron adequately through the gut, or need to increase iron levels fast for other medical reasons, an Iron infusion will be one of the top treatments considered by their doctors. Added physical benefits include increased energy and relief of symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, fatigue, etc.

“You can now get Iron Infusion IVs at any of our ER locations in Willowbrook, Heights, or Summerwood. The whole process lasts about 3-4 hours, during which you will be closely monitored by our clinical staff.” – Life Savers ER.

Established to give people of all races and social classes access to quality and affordable emergency services, Life Savers ER is operated by board-certified emergency physicians who administer immediate medical care with zero wait times. The clinic offers free medical screenings to all auto accident victims, and also maintains an onsite lab where patients can run X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, STD screening, and more.

Through its special observation program, Life Savers ER helps patients who would rather avoid hospitals at all costs, to save thousands of dollars in fees while still providing the comfort of one-to-one care. For more information, please reach out to Life Savers ER via the contact info below.

About Life Savers Emergency Room

Life Savers Emergency Room is a team of healthcare providers dedicated and committed to providing excellent, safe, and compassionate care. Three convenient Houston emergency room locations; Willowbrook ER, Heights ER, and Summerwood ER. Their nurses, physicians, and staff pride themselves on their unique ability to meet and exceed each patient’s needs and expectations. Their goal is to provide patients with affordable, high-quality, and efficient pediatric and adult emergent care and urgent care. The professionals at the clinic understand what it means to visit an ER and their goal is to make the patient experience as seamless and comfortable as possible while offering high-quality and reliable medical attention. Life Savers 24-Hour Emergency Room can handle life-threatening and serious conditions quickly.

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